20 Unique And Interesting facts about Love

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Interesting facts about Love, Falling in love is a wonderful experience that many of us feel. It gives both happiness and sorrow to a person. You feel happy when you really love someone because in such a situation, there are more chemicals that produce happiness in your mind. You also get a little lazy in it.

What is Love?
Love is a feeling that cannot be conveyed in words, it can only be felt, and this feeling starts coming inside all the boys and girls of the world only when he steps into his teenage years. In those times, when we see any boy or girl, by looking at them, it seems that it is the same person who is made only for me.

Today we are going to tell you such interesting facts related to love, which if you tell someone, then they will start loving you.

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Facts About Love

  • Do you know “I love You” is most commonly spoken in the month of November.
  • When you are afraid of falling in love with someone, it is called “Philophobia”.
  • Survey says people who cheat in love have very low IQ.
  • According to scientists, a beautiful face is considered more attractive than a good body.
  • According to psychologists, hugging someone affects your pain system like a painkiller.
  • 2% of couples around the world express their love for the first time in a mall or supermarket.
  • Every day around 3 million people around the world go on dates with their partners.
  • 90% of men express their love by saying “I love you”. This does not include the figure of women, as the initiative is usually done by men.
  • Do you know that at least 2 friends definitely fall away from you after falling in love with you.
  • The “heart symbol” has been in use since 1250 to express love.

Interesting facts about Love

  • Do you know that your brain works less when you are in romantic mood.
  • Scientists believe that love creates a place in a person’s mind where he has the experience of exaltation. These are the same kind of feeling as if the addict feels heavy.
  • Before the Internet, LOL was known as Lotus of Love.
  • When you look into your partner’s eyes continuously for five minutes, during that time your heart also beats in the same rhythm.
  • You would be surprised to know that only 25% of the love marriages happening in the whole world are successful and in 75% of the cases, they get divorced.
  • Research has found that men who kiss their wife in the morning live 5 years longer than others.
  • Do you know that falling in love is a biological process, just like feeling hungry.
  • According to medical science, if someone loves someone, then simply looking at his picture reduces any pain by 44%.
  • Psychology says that the more you hide your feelings, the more love will grow.
  • Men experience more pain than women after a breakup


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