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Interesting Facts About Japan

Amazing Facts About Japan

Facts About Japan : Japan is the most industrious country, Japan is made up of about 6800 islands, the name of this country remains at the forefront of anything new. How hard working people here can be gauged from the fact that in the second world war, countries like America had pushed, but Japan was not ready to retreat.

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The country of the rising sun, Japan is famous for its culture, food and technology. Know some such facts related to Japan

Japan Facts

  1. Despite being surrounded by sea from all four sides, 27 percent of the fish are imported from other countries.
  2. Black cats are considered lucky in Japan.
  3. Most people in Japan are educated. Where the literacy rate is 100%. Where newspapers and news channels like India do not publish news on accident, politics, debate, film issues etc. Here only modern information and necessary news is published in newspapers.
  4. 20% of the books published in Japan are Comic Books.
  5. Japan has 90% “Mobile WaterProof” because these people use the phone even while taking bath.
  6. There are 70 types of “fanta” available in Japan.
  7. Japan has the highest number of roads with no name.
  8. Japanese have more than 20 ways to say “sorry”.
  9. There are about 1500 earthquakes every year in Japan that means four every day.
  10. Japan does not grant “citizenship” to Muslims. Even in Japan, Muslims do not get houses on rent.

Facts About Japan

  1. Arabic or any other Islamic language is not taught in any university in Japan.
  2. Children do not have to take any exam until they are 10 years old in Japan.
  3. Children and teachers in Japan clean the Classroom together.
  4. The average age of people of Japan is the highest in the world (82 years). There are 50,000 people over the age of 100 in Japan.
  5. Japan does not have any kind of natural resources and they also suffer hundreds of earthquakes every year, but even then Japan is the second largest economic power in the world.
  6. “Sumo” is the most popular game in Japan. Apart from this, baseball is also very popular.
  7. On 1 January in Japan, New Year is welcomed by ringing 108 bells in the temple.
  8. The earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 was the fastest earthquake to date. The Earth’s “rotation speed” was increased by 1.8 microseconds by this earthquake.
  9. Japan is the only country in the world to be attacked by “nuclear bombs”. As you know, America threw bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 and 9 August 1945. These bombs were named little-boy and Fat-man.
  10. Sleeping during work in Japan offices is acceptable because it is believed that the person is tired due to overwork and is taking a break. It is important to know here that the people of Japan are considered to be the most hardworking in the world.
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Japan Technology

  1. There is also a building in Japan through which the highway passes.
  2. Japan is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer.
  3. The Japanese train is one of the trains in the world that runs at the right time. On an average, the train is late for only 18 seconds.
  4. A “Vending Machine” is a machine in which anything, like noodles, eggs, bananas, etc. comes out by inserting a coin. When you are in Japan, you will find these machines everywhere. It occurs on every road. There are about 5.5 million vending machines in Japan.
  5. Japan produces the most cartoon shows, it has earned 60% market share worldwide in this business. The Doraemon cartoon show is made in Japan only.


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