5 Countries of the World which are impossible to Win

Countries of the World which are impossible to Win

In today’s time, every country wants to strengthen itself. Everyone wants their country to have a lot of money, and so much power That no country can look at them with eyes. There are some countries in the world which are so geographically safe, that even if other countries want, no one can think of attacking them. Hello friends, welcome to all of us at Machoo Fact. And in this article, we are going to tell you about those 5 countries, which are not impossible to win-

Countries of the World which are impossible to Win

1. Switzerland

switzerlandYou will understand how safe this country of Europe is. Even after two world wars, there was no crisis in this country. This country is surrounded by mountains on all four sides. and it was only in 1880, that Switzerland prepared a plan called Swiss National Redoubt for the protection of their country. Under which, army bases have been built in these mountains at different places. And the whole country has been converted into a fort.


The government here has made so many tunnels and bunkers inside the country. So that every citizen can be protected during the emergency. You must have heard about the famous Swiss bank. There is so much foreign money in this bank, that no country can think of taking enmity with Switzerland.

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2. Japan


Japan is a small island country, but those who think so should first ask America, who had no choice but to drop the atomic bomb to defeat Japan. Japan has both money and power. While Japan is the fourth-largest economy in the world. On the other hand, its army is also very large and powerful.


The biggest thing is that Japan has good relations with all countries, so who will attack them? And if anyone dared to do so, according to a treaty between Japan and America, America would fight that country with Japan. Everyone in Japan undergoes military training for a period of time. So if there was ever a shortage of soldiers, a soldier would surely come out of every house.

3. United Kingdom

united kingdomAs you know, the United Kingdom is an island. And it is very difficult to capture such countries. For the last time, 1000 years ago today, a king named Norman successfully captured this country. After this, it is impossible to capture it. The ocean is on two sides of the United Kingdom and on the third side is the North Sea. Now there is only one way to reach here, and that is English Channel but that is also not less than the dangers.

Now if you are thinking that in today’s era, it can attack even by air. So let me tell you that England’s army is so modern and powerful, that he won’t even let you get into his boundaries. United Kingdom is also a member of “NATO”, due to which they are always associated with countries like America and France.

4. Russia

Without a doubt, Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world. History has shown that the Swedish army, Napoleon and even Hitler’s Nazi army could not defeat Russia.russiaThe extreme cold weather here forced even the world’s greatest armies to kneel. The world’s largest country, Most of the territory of Russia is surrounded by mountains and forests, where you will not even know when the Russian army can hide and attack. after America, Russia is the most powerful army in the world. They have so many weapons that you will be tired by counting, but the weapons will not end. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, Russia’s power was greatly reduced, But even today, being able to compete with them is nothing short of a miracle.

5. America (USA)

A famous person had said that the people of America are the happiest luck people in the world. On one side there are weak countries on two sides there are fishes that is, the sea.

America usa

This vast country ranges from advanced city to forest surrounded mountains and scorching desert. And how powerful is the US military, I don’t feel the need to say this. The US spends around $600 billion every year on its security. Do you know, there are only 20 such countries in the world Whose economy is more than $600 billion. It is said that a gun comes out from behind every bush in America. In the US there are more guns from the population.

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