5 Most Dangerous Insects in The World

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Most Dangerous Insects in The World

Friends, when God started life on earth, along with humans, he made trees and other animals too. The scientific reason behind this is that humans can make these trees and plants and animals their food, but have you thought about how these animals make their food?

Let us tell you that as humans make their food from these animals, In the same way, these animals too can make their own food through humans. Their life cycle is very short at times, and sometimes very long. Their size may be very small or normal. Such small insects have also been seen, which is difficult for anyone to see without the aid of a lens. There are insects that live in human blood, but we never get to know about that thing. It is very interesting to see the close view of these animals or insects, so let us see the close view of these insets today.


This small bot fly is very dangerous. There is so much expert in doing this work that it knows to enter your body directly without touching your body. It needs only one mosquito to enter your body. This bot fly lays its eggs on the mosquito’s body. When a mosquito comes to bite you, the eggs on its body are quickly activated due to heat. After being activated, new bot flies come out of it, which enter your body.


Now, in the life of the insect that we are going to talk about, we all have experienced it at some time. Yes, we are going to talk about lice. This is seen mostly in the ends of children, because children often play in the mud or live with other children. Those who have Already lice in their head. This lice very quickly starts moving from one head to another. Usually, people who travel more by bus or train, lice problem is seen in their heads very much. This one lice is enough to disturb the common man.

If this lice is on the head of a man or a woman, it is suck blood from their head. It uses its small nails to walk from one place to another on the skin of the head. When she walks, you also feel very itchy at that time.


Now the insect we are going to talk about, we usually keep seeing in our lives. Yes, friends, we are going to talk about ants. Ants come near everything that is about to be eaten. It attracts more towards the sweet. These ants have short legs for walking. And they also have many small hairs on their body which protect them.

These ants have two antennae on their heads, which serve as a signal to them. Friends, the signal here means to fend off the threat of ants and talk among themselves. These ants have a very dangerous sting. They suck human blood.


Cockroaches are often found roaming the kitchens or washrooms of our house. Most women are horrified at seeing cockroaches. Many medicines are also available in the market to get rid of cockroaches. There are 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide.

Cockroaches can live for 1 month without eating food. But without water, more than 1 week can live. Cockroaches are most responsible for allergies and asthma in children. Cockroaches spread 33 different types of bacteria where they live. Cockroaches can eat everything, ie gum, grease, soap, wall painting, leather, book covers, and even your hair. So now search for the treatment of getting relief from these Cockroach.


Small spotted mosquitoes are the biggest threat to humans. Millions of people die every year due to this small organism. It is the most mortal organism in the world which causes the most harm to humans.

The World Health Organization says that 30 to 500 million people worldwide fall prey to malaria. Mosquito bites also cause deadly diseases like malaria, including dengue, yellow fever, filaments, West Nile fever. Due to these, more than 1 million people die every year.

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