81 Percent Indian Users Do Not Have Any Features According To Their Smartphone

smartphone features

In the last few years, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of smartphone users in India. Most of these users buy camera centric, large display smartphones as well as budgets and devices with better design and performance. But, do you know that most users who buy smartphones in India think that their phones are not mind-level features. An online portal, 91 Mobiles.com, has a story in Consumer Insight Study.

21 percent of users want waterproof feature

Of these, 21 percent of users think that all these smartphones should have waterproof features which are not in their device. After that, the number comes with quick charge support, 19 percent of the users think that their device has not given quick charge support. After this, 15 percent of the users think that the front face flash has not been given in their device. Apart from this, 11 percent of the users think that their device does not have Face Unlock feature.

Most users are battling discharging of batteries

In this survey, it has also been found that most users are facing the problem of battery discharge. Most of the brands sold in India are facing the problem of having battery discharges in their smartphones. 20 percent of users have to face the problem of slow download of software. After this, many users have to face the problem of problem in the camera.

15 thousand smartphone users took part in the survey

At this time, India is in the list of countries in the world where people are upgrading from feature phones to smartphones. According to the IDC report last week, 70 percent of smartphones sold in India are buying users who have the first feature phone and are upgrading towards the smartphone. This survey included 15,000 smartphone users. The main purpose of this survey was to know the choice of users in India.Users in this survey were between the age of 18 and 30 years old. Of these, 50 percent of the users were using smartphones for 1 year or more.



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