After Titanic Which is The Largest Ship in The World?

After Titanic Which is The Largest Ship in The World?

Largest ship in the world

When everyone heard this question, the first name that came to our mind is Titanic. It is no doubt one of the most famous ships that met with considerable memorable trouble on its first voyage. Apart from Titanic there are many giant ships, most of which we are not aware of and that is why we have chosen this post for you.

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Everyone gets thrilled at seeing the cruise ships running on the sea chest. Everyone dreams of spending at least one holiday cruise ship in their life. It is a different fun to have fun between weeks, months on the Hotel Ship. And this fun doubles even more when you are on one of the top 10 largest ships in the world.

Here are top 5 largest ship in world

1. Harmony of the seas

‘Harmony of the Seas’ is one of the largest cruise ships in the world. The ship is worth 7.5 billion rupees, with a length of 361 meters and a height of 70 meters. This ship can carry 5,497 passengers at once. This ship is so amazing that it has 20 restaurants, 23 Swimming Pools.

It took nearly two and a half years to build this huge ship. The first trial of the ship was carried out in March, when it was released into the sea from the port of San Nazar.

16 guest decks are designed for travelers visiting here. And in this is a beautiful garden, in which swing and 52 trees have been planted for children. 11,252 artifacts have been used to decorate this giant ship. Spending a holiday on this ship is nothing short of heavenly feeling.

2. Oasis of Seas

The Sister Ship is on the list of the world’s largest ship, “Oasis of Seas”. It cost $ 1.4 billion to build this ship. This ship length is 1,187 fit. It is the second largest ship in the world. On this, 6,000 people traveled together to set a new world record.

By the way, ships are used for traveling and going on holidays. But this ship is so unique in itself that inside it you will find many facilities like hotels, theaters 2042 rooms, water surfing. Traveling on this ship is much better than spending holidays.

3. Allure of the Seas

It is one of the largest cruise ships in the world named “Allure of the Seas”. Maintenance of the ship is done by Royal Caribbean International, the world’s largest shipping company.

The total length of this ship is 1,187 feet or 360 meters. US $ 1.8 billion was spent to build this ship. 2490 passengers and 891 crew members can travel on this ship at one time. Riding this amazing ship gives itself a royal feeling.

4. R.M.S. Queen Mary 2

“Queen Mary 2” was produced in 1969. Queen Mary 2 is known worldwide for its grandeur. This ship was built under the canard line. After Queen Elizabeth 2 retired in 2008, the ship became known for its service, spaciousness and grandeur.

Queen Mary 2 is the hallmark of the Atlantic sea. It is 345 meters long and 48,7 meters wide. It has Restaurants Bars, Five Swimming Pools, Casino, 1 Ballroom, 1 Theater, First Planetarium at Sea, and 8 Decks, 1363 Cabins.

5. L.M. Independence of the Seas

The “Independence of the Seas” ship is maintained by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Company. The ship has been in operation since 2008. The ship carries 4370 passengers with its 1360 crew members.

The length of this ship is 1112 feet. The ship has beautiful parks and beautiful pools on the sides. It also has a 2-storey theater, which has a capacity to seat 1200 people at once. This is the first ship that also has a trampoline. It also has basketball grounds, flow rides and water slides.


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