Alert for Android smartphone users, your bank details may be stolen

Alert for Android users

Do you also use Android smartphones? If yes, then your phone is threatening. Indeed, many such apps have been detected on the Google Play Store that are affected by malware. These apps can steal users’ money including their bank password. This information is provided by ESET Security Experts. Experts have discovered that there are many apps like the Horoscope with the device cleaner, battery manager, and Google Play Store, which are affected by malware malware.However, they have been removed from the Play Store but if you have already installed them in your phone before deleting it, then you have to delete them from the phone.

Learn how these apps are being damaged:

Whenever you are using malware-driven apps, you have a Fake login screen show. Here you are given details of your bank. These apps can also send and receive text messages from users. Not only this, OTP is also stolen through these apps.

Internet protection is also at risk:

In addition to stealing information, these apps break the protocol that secures banking data. This protocol is Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Not only that, with the help of Hacker Smartphone, they are able to attack other applications also. ESET has given Android users some tips related to these apps Experts have said that while downloading the app, keep in mind what kind of app you are downloading. ESET has said that these applications may be available in the name of different developers. But they operate hackers.

Avoid malware affected apps like this:

  1. Download any app from Google Play Store. Do not download from any third party store.
  2. Whenever you download an app, please see how many people have downloaded it. At the same time, see App Ratings and Reviews.
  3. Keep in mind that what kind of permissions are the app you are asking for. Give permission only if you feel okay.
  4. Keep your device updated and install a mobile security software.


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