Alexander Graham Bell Biography And Inventions

Alexander Graham Bell Biography

Alexander Graham Bell Biography

Alexander Graham Bell Biography – One of the greatest inventions of the 19th century was the telephone. The telephone which revolutionized the world of communication was created by a great scientist Alexander Graham Bell.

Imagine what would happen if there was no telephone today? How far behind would the world have been in communication? There is no mention of things like mobile, internet.

Alexander Graham Bell was such a great person, who connected this whole world through phone and today where has the world reached due to this communication. Alexander Graham engaged in great discoveries throughout his life, using his knowledge.

Alexander Graham Bell Family Introduction

Life Introduction Point Alexander Graham Bell Biography
Full Name Alexander Graham Bell
Birth March 3, 1847
Birth place Edinburgh, Scotland
Parents Eliza Grace Simonds Bell – Alexander Melville Bell
Wife Mabel Hubbard (1877)
Children Four
Known for Invention of the Telephone
Profession Scientist, Professor, Inventor,


Alexander Graham Bell BiographyGraham was born on 3 March 1847 in Scotland. His father Alexander Melville Bell was a professor, while mother Eliza Grace Simonds Bell was a housewife who could not hear.

Graham had two brothers, Melville James Bell and Edward Charles Bell. But due to his illness, he died at a young age. Graham’s father used to teach dumb and deaf people, he created a ‘Visible System’ for deaf children, so that they could learn to speak.

Graham’s first mentor was her mother, she was deaf, but she was a very good pianist and painter.

Graham attended Edinburgh Royal High School, but left it at the age of 15. For college studies, Graham first went to the University of Edinburgh, then went to the University of London, England but Graham did not feel like studying here.

Alexander Graham Bell Early Life

Since childhood, Alexander Graham Bell had a strange curiosity about this world, he wanted to know closely about the creation of the world. At an early age, he used to roam around collecting samples of vegetation and experimenting with them.

Since childhood, Graham was very close to her mother, she was interested in singing, poetry and art at that time. Graham was very sad about his mother’s deafness, in order to talk to her well, Graham learned the language of talking gestures using his hands.

Graham’s entire family, his grandfather, father, uncle all used to work for the education of the deaf people, for this he also did many inventions, which is still remembered today.

After leaving school, Graham lived with his grandfather in London, where he received much of his education.

He used to accompany them to schools for the deaf, and get to know about it closely. After the death of both of Graham’s brothers in 1870, his family moved to Canada.

Because his father was worried that Alexander Graham Bell should also not get any disease there. After coming to Canada, Alexander Graham Bell started working with his father, where he started work in transmitting telephonic messages.

Alexander Graham Bell Career

  • Alexander Graham Bell BiographyIn 1872, Alexander created the ‘School of Vocal Physiology and Mechanics of Speech’ in Boston. Where he used to teach children the art of speaking and understanding.
  • In 1873, Alexander was elected Professor of Vocal Physiology at a Boston University.
  • Along with teaching in college, Alexander was also engaged in his search. At that time he was doing research on ‘Harmonic Telegraph’, he was constantly working hard to make it better. He sent multiple telegraph messages at the same time over the same wire. Along with this, they got another idea that they should send messages on the other wire through human voice.
  • In 1884, Alexander started working as an assistant with a good electrician ‘Thomas Watson’. They used to manufacture the tools and equipment used in their projects. As a result of their continued work together, Alexander and Thomas a close relationship, There was an ideological partnership between both. Therefore, both of them decided to work together in harmonic telegraph and voice transmission device.
  • On March 10, 1876, Alexander made the world’s first telephone call. Alexander and Watson were working in two different rooms when suddenly acid falls on Alexander and he tells Watson for help ‘Come here Mr. Watson, I need you’. On hearing this, Watson goes to Graham’s help. Watson tells Graham that his voice was clearly heard in the other room through the wire. On hearing this, Graham forgets the burning of acid and starts dancing. With this, the world’s first telephone call was successfully made.

Alexander Graham Bell Major Achievements

  • The main invention of Alexander Graham is considered to be the telephone itself.
  • Apart from this, Graham made more inventions, in which the ‘audiometer’ is the main one for the deaf, Through this, they can talk easily and understand the matter.
  • Apart from this, there is another device ‘Metal Detector’, by this if there is any metal inside the human body, then it can be discovered.
  • Graham also created the Photophone, which was a wireless telephone.
  • Hydrofoil
  • Aeronautics


  • In 1880, the Volta Prize was given by the French government for the manufacture of the telephone.
  • In 1881 the ‘Legion of Honor’ was awarded by the French government.
  • In 1902, ‘Elbert Medal’ was awarded by ‘Society of Art of London’ of England for the manufacture of telephone.
  • In 1907, the John Fritz Medal was awarded.
  • Elliot Chrisson Medal was given in 1912.
  • Apart from this, Graham was honored by many universities of the country and the world.


On August 2, 1922, Alexander Graham died of diabetes in Canada at the age of 75. To pay respect to him, all phone calls in America were silenced for 1 minute on the day of his funeral.


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