Best home remedies to remove unwanted hair

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Home remedies to remove unwanted hair

Remove Unwanted Hair – It is very common to have hair on the face and body. There is no person who does not have hair on his body or face. However, each person has different hair on their face and body.

If you are also troubled by unwanted hair, then today we are going to tell some home remedies for removing unwanted hair in this article. These measures cannot remove unwanted hair for a long time, however for some time you do get rid of them. These mainly include sugar wax and scrub, honey, lentils and turmeric.


With this help, you can remove unwanted hair for some time, mainly 2 to 4 weeks. This is one of the cheapest options to remove unwanted hair.


Actually, honey is a very good option to remove unwanted hair.


With the help of Red Lentil, you can also remove unwanted body hair. Also you can adopt this recipe at your home. For this, you need lentils and olive oil. First of all, soak 5 teaspoons of lentils in water for at least 2 hours. After this, grind the lentils. Now take it out in the bowl and mix it well by adding olive oil. Now apply it on your face or where you want to remove unwanted hair and wash your mouth after it dries. Using it regularly will remove unwanted facial hair completely.


If you want to remove unwanted facial hair from turmeric, all you need to do is prepare a thick paste by mixing turmeric powder, gram flour, a little lemon juice and curd and massage it on your face properly. After 15 minutes you have to wash your mouth with normal water. Regularly using this recipe for some time will remove your facial hair.


You can remove unwanted hair with the help of toothpaste, but you will need to include some other ingredients with it. You have to mix 1 teaspoon gram flour and 4-5 teaspoon milk in 1 teaspoon of toothpaste. Make a paste by mixing these three things and do a patch test first to see if you are not harmed in any way. If you are not harmed, you can use it to remove unwanted hair.


You can also use rose water to remove unwanted hair . However, together you also need alum. To remove unwanted hair, you should apply half a teaspoon of alum powder in rose water. You should apply it regularly for 3 to 4 weeks.

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