Body Language Tips : Your body language tells a lot about you

Your body Language Tells A Lot About You

Simple And Powerful Body Language Tips

Body Language Tips : Body language is a mirror of our personality. Generally, it is through body language that people assess a person’s personality. The way you get up – sit, walk and gesture shows whether you are a confidant, an underconfident or an overconfident. Many people are not able to differentiate between these because they do not know much about body language, due to which they miss out on successful occasions like interviews. Here we are giving you all the information related to body language which will prove to be helpful in increasing your confidence as well as reaching you to the peak of success.

Body Language Tips

Your body Language Tells A Lot About YouEvery time in life we ​​have to face every challenge and every time it is not easy to win those challenges. Job interview is also like a challenge. It is everyone’s dream to get their desired job. But what happens when you are going for the first time to face an interview and you are feeling that something is wrong today? At such a time, overconfidence or lack of confidence should not be both. Here we are giving you tips about body language during the interview which may be useful for you.

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  • Positive Body Language Benefits
  • Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

1. Do not sit without permission

Your interviewee is senior to you, you have to remember this, no matter how small it may be! After entering the interview room, you do not have to sit without his permission.

2. You are not a stone!

Whenever you sit, do not stick yourself to the chair so that you are not a human but a stone. Whenever you sit, sit with your shoulders raised slightly and your back slightly tilted. This will make you feel comfortable and the person in front will also take you as a Confidant.

3. Pay attention to hand movement

If you want people to be interested in your words, then speaking alone is not enough, because the mind concentrates on moving things more than what is spoken, so while speaking, pay attention to the movements of the hands. But more movements can also make things worse, so keep pace with them.

4. Just laugh!

Sitting for the same gesture the whole time can bore the front, so without making yourself a robot, bring a little smile on your face.

5. Be patient

Instead of answering every question quickly, answer it with a little experiment and presence. While answering, do not feel that you have any more work than this interview. Haste can damage your work.

6. Don’t look straight in the eye

Look at the front face instead of looking directly into the eye. Looking in the eyes, the person will feel as if you are suspicious of him and this will not make him comfortable.

7. Make your statement and features open

During the interview, put your strengths in such a way that it gets impressed. There is no need to highlight your shortcomings every time.

Positive Tips

  • body language tipsHow close someone sits during your conversation, it shows the relationship between you two. Therefore, while talking to someone, take special care of distance. Because the higher the proximity, the better the relationship.
  • Confident appearance is a sign of a positive body language. If you want someone to agree with you, then appear confident in front of others. The person in front of you will give up on seeing this best effort.
  • Always maintain smile on your face. It has often been seen that people who smile every time, they also praise them, they like to talk to the happier people than others.
  • If you have been asked a difficult question in front of everyone and you do not know the answer, then take a deep breath slowly and keep pretending to try to speak. This will give you time to think and people will not consider you a loser. In such a time you will also get your answer.

Positive Body Language Benefits

  • If your body language is good, then your success level will also increase. This will give you more successes than others.
  • A good body language is able to increase your weight. It also listens to you and appreciates it as well.
  • Body language has a very strong impact on your self-confidence. If your body language is positive then your confidence level will also be positive and high.
  • Body language is such a silent language, which is very useful in those places where you cannot speak anything. Also, if a person is standing away from you then you can know a lot about him from his body language.
  • A research has revealed that if you are talking to someone, then 47 percent tell about your dialect or language. At the same time, 53 percent body language speaks about your behavior. This shows that there is more effective body language than spoken language.
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Body Language Mistakes to Avoid

1. If someone is talking to you or explaining something to you, then during this time, do not pay attention to the key, pencil, mobile or paper in your hand. Because it has a negative impact on the front. Doing this is like insulting another person.

2. Do not turn your face around on any particular occasion, especially during job interviews, if the person in front of you does not understand or you are not interested in it. This clearly shows that the matter is being ignored.

3. Do not make the mistake of getting bored in an interview, meeting or any conference.

4. If your body posture is close, that is, you have folded your hand, your shoulder or head tilted, then the person in front may feel that you are not willing to talk.

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5. Don’t move too much during the meeting. Also, keep in mind that Neither speak excessively nor less. You have to keep pace with these.
It is not considered good if you move your lips up or down or cut your lips while talking to another person.

6. Scorching the head, forehead or cheek while talking to someone is a sign that you do not understand something, which has a negative impact on your personality on the front.

7. If you are sitting and talking to someone and then you are putting your hand on your chin or cheek and putting the weight of your face on your hand, then your body language shows that you like to depend on others.


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