Bra names – What are the types of bras And which bra (ladies bra) is the best

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Bra Names – What Are The Types Of Bras

Bra Names & Types Of Bras – As a girl grows in age, her body changes as well. In such a situation, the first advice from the mother is to wear a bra. Bra is the best friend of any girl, because bra size also varies with her age and body. It is very important to wear a ladies bra to keep your body organized. Gradually, it becomes such a habit without which one cannot even get out of the house. The bra we keep in our daily routine changes its form and color in the same way.

For example, you can’t wear a maternity bra ahead of time and can’t think of wearing a sports bra with an ethnic wear. Depending on your convenience, the type of bra and the name of the bra also change and each type of bra is also required differently. But many times we do not understand which ladies bra is appropriate for which occasion. So we are telling you what are the types of bras? And which bra is worn when. But before that, we know what is the right age to start wearing a bra.

What age to start wearing a bra

Normally a girl starts wearing a bra when she is 13 years old. But in many cases this does not happen. For example, if a girl’s health is high and her body needs to balance prematurely, then she should start wearing ladies bra according to the measurement of her body’s upper posture. Please tell that ladies bra size starts at 28 inches. Choose the right bra according to your body and cup size.

Bra names - What are the types of bras And which bra (ladies bra) is the best


Teenager Bra

If you are a teenager and you have just started wearing a bra, then use a teenager bra instead of any such bra for yourself. It is specially designed for beginners. Its special thing is that Teenagers bra is non padded and non wired with light weight. This type of bra does not even have a hook, due to which it is very comfortable for the initial days.

T-Shirt Bra

If you like to wear normal jeans and tops then a t-shirt bra is a better option for you. It is similar to a regular bra but it only has pads that make your figure perfect for a t-shirt or shirt. This type of bra does not have any stitching marks on the front and the shape of the ladies bra or the point of the boob is not visible from the front. This is the reason why t-shirt bra is best for tight fitted dress and top.

Sports Bra

To stay fit, we often go to gym and yoga classes or even do morning walks and jogging. For such activities, it is very important to relax our body and it works like a sports bra. If you are also attached to such activities or are a sports person, then sports bra is the best option for you.

Strapless Bra

As the name suggests, this ladies bra is strapless, that is, it does not have straps. Strapless bra is perfect for your one shoulder, off shoulder or any other sexy dress. Its special thing is that its straps are detachable, that is, according to your convenience, you can also apply straps and remove them if needed. If you are not comfortable feeling yourself wearing a bra without straps, then you can also use transparent straps. This will not show your straps and you will also be able to flaunt your sexy dress nicely.

Minimizer Bra

Minimizer bras should be worn especially for those who have heavy breasts. If your body is curvy and you have difficulty in choosing a bra for your heavy breast, then the Minimizer Ladies Bra is for you. Actually, it covers the extra loose fat of your body and keeps it in shape. It is designed only for girls with a heavy breast. There is no need to worry about your extra loose fat after wearing it.

Choli Bra

The choli bra is the oldest. Perhaps you have heard about this from your mother or grandmother. It is advisable to wear choli bra under the ethnic wear. With this, your figure appears in the perfect shape. In this, the breasts are seen slightly upward from the front. In the past, most women wore choli bras.

Convertible Bra

Convertible bras are the best among all types of bras. It can be said that this bra works as a 4 bra. Its convertible straps can be converted into halter, racer-back, one-shoulder or strapless. Although you can wear it in every color, but its nude color is one of the most purchased colors.

Backless Bra

When you see Bollywood actresses wearing a backless dress with full confidence, often a question arises in your minds whether they have even worn a bra or not. If worn, how can I not see it? So let us tell you that strapless bra is used to wear backless dress or backless choli. There are also backless bras like the fine strapless ladies bra. The only difference is that it does not have a bra back strap or is transparent. You can wear it with your backless dress with full confidence.

Bridal Bra

As the name suggests, this bra is meant for special brides. Such bras are mostly kept in bridal accessories and sent along with them. These are very sexy bras. Net and lace work is done on them. These are available in many types of designs. So if your wedding is also close or you want to bring the same romanticity to your married life, then you must have a collection of bridal bra designs.

Maternity Bra

After becoming a mother, most women stop wearing bra because of repeated breast feed. Actually, not wearing a bra at such a time can cause your body to become loose, which looks very bad, so never stop wearing a bra. The maternity bra is specially designed for women who have recently become mothers. Such ladies bra will help you a lot during breast feeding. They come in cotton and other soft fabrics which keep you away from any kind of irritation and etching. Also, maternity bras are designed in such a way that you can feed your baby breast without taking off the bra.

Push-up Bra

If your breast size is small and you are fond of wearing deep neck dresses, then pushup bra design may be a good option for you. In this bra, your boobs look curvy and slightly upward or you can say that your cleavage is visible. So next time you want to wear a sexy dress or show cleavage, then wear a pushup bra.

Bra names - What are the types of bras And which bra (ladies bra) is the best

Demi Bra

Many types of bra cups come in different breast sizes. The demi sexy bra design has a slight cut-off cup that exposes the upper part of your breast and is set with wide straps. Demi bra is designed for your formal function and parties. Especially when you are wearing a low-cut, wide scoop or square neckline.

Full Coverage Bra

This type of bra covers your breast from all sides and gives you complete comfort. It comes mostly in floral print. If you like to show your bra design with a dress, then you can wear it with your transparent top or a large size cut sleeves dress. If you do not like the bra, then you can use it as a normal t-shirt bra.

Built- in- Bra

This bra does not come separately like any normal bra. Such ladies bra cups are attached to a vest or spaghetti. Nowadays, built-in-bra is also used for front and dip neck back dresses. Most girls also have it built inside the blouse. Due to this, there is no fear of repeated strep in wide neck blouse.

Stylish Back Bra

The stylish back bra, i.e. ladies bra, has an attractive design or nad on the back side. You would have seen such a bra wearing Deepika Padukone in the film Tamasha and Shraddha Kapoor in the film Baghi. They are mostly worn for pool, beach or beach party. It works both as a bra and bikini top. They are very stylish in appearance, due to which it is called a stylish back bra. You will get these in every color. So next time you go for vacations at any beach, do not forget to keep such a stylish back bra in your luggage.

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