Cow or buffalo milk, know what is better for you

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Cow or Buffalo Milk, Know What is Better For You

Milk is the best source of vitamin D and calcium. It is considered a complete food in the context of body development. Most people use cow and buffalo milk for drinking. Many times it also comes to the mind of people that what is the difference between these two milk? Although there is no difference between these two milk, both are safe and nutritious to drink. However, it depends on your body which milk is good for you. In this article, we are telling you the difference between cow and buffalo milk.

Cow’s Milk is Less Thick

Children who are unable to drink mother’s milk for any reason are given cow’s milk. If you have physical problems, then you should drink cow’s milk. If you want to lose weight or have weakness, drink buffalo milk. Cow’s milk is thin and contains about 88 percent water. This is why they are digested quickly. A hundred grams of cow’s milk contains about 88 percent water, while buffalo milk contains up to 70 percent water.

Buffalo Milk Fulfills Protein Deficiency.

If you are deficient in protein then you should drink buffalo milk. Buffalo milk has 10 to 11 more proteins than cow’s milk. Protein is heat resistant and it is forbidden to be given to patients, elderly and newborns.

Cholesterol is The Difference

There is also a big difference in cholesterol between buffalo and cow’s milk. A special difference here is that buffalo milk has less cholesterol than cow’s milk. Therefore if you have high BP, cholesterol, kidney problems, you should drink buffalo milk

Cow’s Milk Has Fewer Calories.

A cup of cow’s milk has 148 calories while a cup of buffalo milk has 237 calories. The cream of buffalo milk is also very thick and ghee is also very tasty.

Both types of milk are considered good for health and both have their own health benefits. So what you want to drink depends on you. Just you should keep in mind that you drink milk daily for your health.

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