Education Policy 2020: Ministry of Education has now fixed the weight of the school bag

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National Education Policy

Under the new school bag policy, the Ministry of Education has now fixed the weight of the school bag at 10 percent of the weight of the students. Apart from this, many other rules have also been issued, with the implementation of which there will be a big change in the education of school children.

Education Policy 2020 

According to the new policy, there will be no homework for students up to class 2. Children of small classes will be taught only in school. Apart from this, the weight of the school bag for the students of classes 1 to 10 should not be more than 10 percent of the weight of the student. Schools have been told to keep digital waiting machines in the school premises and regularly check the weight of school bags.

Ministry of Education Give Suggestion 

Apart from this, providing lockers and digital waiting machines in schools, potable water on campus and banning trolley school bags are also among the recommendations made by the Ministry of Education in its new policy on school bags. According to the recommendations of the new National Educational Policy (NEP), it has been decided under the recommendations of international agencies regarding the standard weight of school bags, based on research studies conducted in this area. Due to this, the use of trolley bags in schools will also be banned.

The policy document states, “The school bag should have separate compartments and also be extremely low in weight. The school bag should have two padded and uniform straps that can fit squarely on both shoulders. Wheel school bags should not be allowed. Because it can hurt children while climbing stairs. In order to select a book for children, the weight of the book must also be checked. The weight of each book is printed on the book by publishers per square meter (gsm). Should be. “

Guidelines have also been issued regarding homework for students at various levels in the policy. Under this, there will be no homework for children up to class 2 and a maximum of two hours of homework can be given every day for children from class 9 to 12. The Ministry of Education believes that with the new rules, practical knowledge will be promoted in place of the theoretical knowledge among the students.

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