Finally FAU-G Game Launch Date Announced

Finally FAU-G Game Launch Date Announced

FAU-G Game Launch Date

FAU-G Game: After the closure of the Chinese mobile game PUB-G, users eagerly awaited the native game FAU-G. Approximately 4 months after the game’s announcement, its launch date has been revealed. Fearless and Combined: When the guards, FAU-G were announced, more than 1 million pre-registrations were done within just 24 hours.

When Will The FAU-G Game Launch:

According to the report, Bangalore-based developers nCORE Games have revealed that the FAU-G game will be launched in the country on 26 January on the occasion of Republic Day this month. As per preliminary information, the game will be available on the Google Play Store for Android users. However, there is no information available on whether the game will be available on the Apple App Store.

The FAU-G mobile game has become very popular before launch, with most users eagerly awaiting it. When its pre-registration started last November on the Google Play store, it was believed that it would be launched in December. However nCORE has revealed the time of launching this game in India.

What is FAU-G Game:

Actually, it is a 3rd person broiler game and includes a level of Galvan Valley. Initial reports suggested that this level would not have guns, but as the trailer has been released today, it can be said that guns can also be added to it. Although the Battle Royal mode will not be offered at the time of launch, the company may offer this feature as an update in the future.

As described in the game on the Google Play Store, “a group of skilled fighters defend the nation’s pride and sovereignty over the peaks of India’s northern border.” This toss is the boldest: it is a challenging task for the (Fearless and United Guards) FAU-G. “It is clear that through this game work will be done to inculcate the spirit of patriotism within the users.

In this game, users can choose a single player or a cooperative multiplayer. FAU-G is a completely native sport. Through this game, an attempt has been made to pay tribute to the armed forces personnel who sacrificed for the country. After a long wait, the game has finally been veiled from its launch date.

NCore co-founder Vishal Gondal says he will donate 20 percent of the FAU-G game’s revenue to the government’s fund-raising initiative ‘Bharat Ke Veer’.

Pre-registration Issued

About 4 months ago, Akshay Kumar revealed the news about the launch of FAU-G or FAU:G (Fearless and United: Guards) in India. Subsequently, in the final week of November 2020, pre-registration of the game began on the Google Play Store, which received a spectacular reaction and millions of people had registered for the military game in the first 24 hours. However, in 2020, people waited for the launch of the game and now the news of its launch was confirmed on 26 January 2021, which is receiving tremendous response from the fans.


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