How did kite flying begin in India?

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Kite Flying in India

Kite Flying: Whether it is the festival of Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan or Indian Independence Day, they are synonymous with kite flying. Whether it is a festival or an occasion, there is no historical evidence or written account of flying a kite but it is a centuries old tradition. Let us study the history of kite through this article, how it became famous in India and how many times it was flown in India.

As we know, the sport of kite flying is very old and very famous in India. Kites are flown at different times in different states of India as well as festivals are also celebrated. India is known for its diverse culture. On this day people fly colorful kites with full enthusiasm and on this day the sky is also filled with kites. Also, let us tell you that the International Kite Festival is also celebrated every year in India. Do you know where the kite first came from, who flew it for the first time, how these festivals are celebrated, etc. Let us study through this article.

History of Kites

The history of kites is much older than about 2000 years. However, there is no written account of the origin or history of kites. It is said that the earliest written articles of kite flying were from the exploits of the Chinese general Han Hsin (Han Hsin), Rajan Dynasty (Han Dynasty). But there are different beliefs about the kite indicator.

It is believed that the first recipient of the kite was made in China and Shandong (Shandong), a province of East China, is called the home of the kite. One legend suggests that a Chinese farmer tied his hat with a rope to keep it from flying in the air, and the concept was first introduced by the kite. According to another belief, kites were invented by the Chinese philosophers Mozi (Mo Di) and Lu Ban (Gongshu Ban) in the 5th century BC, when bamboo or silk cloth was used to make kites.

When and how kite flying started in India

Most believe that Chinese travelers Fa Hien and Xuan Tsang brought the kite to India. It was made of tissue paper and bamboo structure. Almost all kites have the same shape. The sport of kite flying is very popular in India. In various parts of our country and in certain months of the year some special festivals are related to kite flying or kite flying competition.

Kites are flown on the day of Makar Sankranti in India

Let us tell you that the festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrated with great pomp. People start making kites in their homes in Gujarat a month before Sankranti. When winter starts turning into summer, the time of day is celebrated as Sankranti.

It remains a festival of enthusiasm for the farmers. Not only in Gujarat but also in Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Delhi, this festival is celebrated very loudly. People fly kites with their family and friends on the roofs. On this day, there will be a lot of fall towards the sky. Let us tell you that International Kite Festival is also organized on this day. People from different countries also come here to participate.

Flying Festival Delhi

Kites are also flown in Delhi on 15 August. Kite flying is considered the most popular tradition. Flying a kite on that day means expressing a sense of freedom. Freedom is the symbol of flying a kite. When the slogan of Simon Go Back came out in 1927. At that time, country devotees wrote Simon Go Back on the kite and flew it into the sky and from the same day on August 15, flying kites became a tradition.

In the month of January, people reach Delhi from various states to participate. There are two types of competitions in this festival. The first is the fighter kite competition and the second is the somber display competition. The festival is held at Connaught Place.

Kites are flown in Basant Panchami

In the Punjab region, the Spring Kite Festival is celebrated with great pomp. It falls in the spring season, hence it is also called Basant Panchami. The kite is flown with thread or manjha. Many competitions are also organized during this festival. It also has some judges, who decide whose kite is the most beautiful, is big and touches the sky beating all. This festival brings color and happiness with shades of greenery and colorful kites.

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