How far are Humans from becoming Iron Man

How far are humans from becoming Iron Man iron man


Welcome friends welcome to our website. Friends, we are all crazy about superheroes, but can they really be superheroes? Oh, brother, you must have known Iron Man. So can we humans also become Iron Man? Let us know what things we humans have achieved in real life –


Friends, Iron Man is considered the superhero using the most advanced technology in all of today’s Super Heroes. It is the center arc reactor of superhero power. Friends, if you want to understand the arc reactor easily, then it is a nuclear power plant, which makes a lot of energy. Now you might be thinking that this is just a fantasy because a lot of space is needed to plant a nuclear plant.] But after long research, scientists found that if the process of nuclear fusion takes place If done at temperature, then it is very likely to get a lot of energy at a very low cost.

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Friends, when we see Iron Man and Villain fighting amongst themselves, the Weapon they use is very different. They are not at all like traditional weapons of today. Plasma-using Weapons are used in the film. These Weapons are filled with electric charge particles, which, when colliding with each other, gives a glow. Friends, this weapon of the film world is also now in the eyes of scientists, and they have gone a long way towards making plasma powered weapons.


In the film Iron Man, Iron Man does not take the help of any plane, etc. to fly. He uses a plasma thruster for this. The plasma thruster is an engine-like device that fit into the shoes of Iron Man. And when Iron Man had to fly, he turned it on. And starts flying faster than the speed of sound. Now you must be thinking that I wish it is possible even in such real life. But you will be happy to know that our scientists are also working in this field. According to scientists, he is working towards making such a jet that runs with plasma. It will be a kind of flying saucers. Which will put pressure on the surface and fly upwards.


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The more advanced weapons Iron Man was armed with, Equally impressive was his suit. It was everything in the Iron Man suit who protected him from his enemies. His armor was also impenetrable. Scientists are trying their best to bring this protection shield into contemporary life. For this, efforts are going on in Japan and America. Two US defense companies are preparing this impregnable protective shield for the US military. Scientists in Japan are engaged in this work. Carbon nanotubes or very small pipes will be used to allow this to be strengthened.

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In the film Iron Man, the film’s villain sets up an army of robots. He realizes that further wars will be fought by robots in the same way. Because this also protects the life of the army and also destroys the enemy. We are also working in the same direction. Many developed countries of the world are now engaged in preparations to build a robot army. The example of this is a drone. This is a kind of unmanned fighter plane, which can be controlled from a control room. To do with it, several small insect-shaped instruments are being developed, Those who are not easily caught by the enemy and spy on their area.

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