How many will change your smartphones next year, learn?

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The journey of smartphones has started from the last decade. Since the last decade, we have seen a lot of changes in smartphones. Let’s know what’s going to change in next year’s smartphones.

Foldable design

Smartphones companies have registered patents for the fashionable design from Samsung and Motorola to Shawom. These devices are being worked on and soon you will be seen in the market like a newspaper turning from the center and folding the phone. This will occupy less space compared to existing mobile and if needed, the screen will be bigger.

Headphone jack will disappear

After Apple, OnePlus has also said goodbye to the smartphone jack from the smartphones jack. If other companies also adopt this trend, then this feature will be completely disappearing soon.

Fingerprint scanner

Almost all companies are offering face recognition features as a security feature in the smartphones, which is very much like users. Hopefully the Fingerprint sensor feature will be completely removed in the future.

micro SD card

Initially, there was a lack of internal storage in the mobile, hence the MicroSD card was needed. Now smartphones companies are offering 512 GB of internal storage, so this is proving non-essential. It is likely that in the future the features of MicroSD card will be completely eliminated.


Chinese smartphones brand Vivo has given the speaker the display in his handset. That is, the sound comes from its display. In the future, the phone’s display will be used as a speaker and the speaker feature will end up separately.


Trend started with a single lens in the mobile camera has reached the triple lens. Nearly all smartphone brands are offering a dual camera setup and in the future, the single lens rear camera from the phone will disappear due to insufficient.

Sim Card

This year Apple iPhone knocked the new technology. There is only one SIM card slot on the iPhone but this time the company has given the feature of dual SIM via e-SIM. It is expected that other brands will also give this facility soon. Telecom company Reliance Jio and Airtel provide e-SIM facility in India.


All major smartphone companies are offering wireless charger facilities. It is possible that soon the adapter and cable will disappear completely and people will be able to charge mobile through wireless charging pads.

Physical buttons

The physical home button has completely disappeared from the smartphones. Power and volume shockers can be removed from the phone soon.


The in-display speaker feature has given the hope that now it will not be necessary to hold the phone in the ear while putting the earpiece in the ear while talking to the phone. Companies can launch such phones soon, with an in-display feature instead of earpiece. In this, any part of the phone will be able to talk with the ear.

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