hyderabad / Doctor Priyanka reddy murder case

priyanka reddy doctor
  • The 26-year-old Veterinary Doctor Priyanka Reddy worked at the Veterinary Hospital, about 30 km from her home.
  • She used to go with her two-wheeler to Shamshabad toll plaza, take cab from there.
  • She stayed at the toll plaza on Wednesday night due to a two-wheeler tire puncture.
  • The doctor told her sister on the phone – people are staring at me, so keep talking to me on the phone


Hyderabad Priyanka reddy murder case. –  26-year-old veterinary doctor Priyanka Reddy waiting near a toll plaza was murdered Wednesday night after a two-wheeler was punctured. The burned body of Priyanka Reddy was found on Thursday morning. After initial investigation, the police suspect that the woman was raped before the murder. The Cyberabad police have detained four suspects in the case. The Veterinary Doctor lived in Shadnagar and worked in a Veterinary Hospital in Shamshabad, about 30 km from here. She used to park her two-wheeler every day on the Tondupalli toll plaza on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru National Highway and take a cab from there to the hospital.

Priyanka Reddy got a tire puncture of his two-wheeler on Wednesday night
On Wednesday also, the doctor returned from the Veterinary Hospital to the toll plaza and from there left to go to another clinic. At 9.22 pm, the doctor told his sister on the phone that his two-wheeler had a tire puncture. A person has offered him help. After some time, he called again and told that the person offering help is saying that all the shops around are closed and two-wheeler will have to be taken elsewhere to get the puncture fixed.

When Priyanka calls her sister, then She was scared
Family members said in a statement to the police that she was scared when the doctor called her sister. The sister suggested him to leave the two-wheeler there and book the cab and return home. But the doctor said that he felt awkward waiting in the toll plaza on the highway. The doctor later told her sister that there are strangers around, they are staring at her and she is scared. A lorry is standing nearby, where few people are present. The doctor told his sister that he kept talking to her on the phone. Later the doctor’s phone switched off at 9:44 pm. The family filed a missing report by the police.

Farmer saw burnt corpse
The Vetinary Doctor was last seen on the toll plaza on the Hyderabad-Bengaluru highway,
About 30 km from there, a farmer saw her burnt body on Thursday morning. He informed the police. Police called the family members of the doctor to the spot on the basis of the missing report.The carcass of the doctor was identified by the half-burnt scarf and gold pendant. Police also found bottles of liquor from the vicinity.

Four suspects in custody
According to Shamshabad’s DCP Prakash Reddy, The Veterinary Doctor was burnt by adding kerosene.The police have formed 10 teams to investigate. “Commissioner of Hyderabad VC Sajjanar said that four suspects have been detained.


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