How To Increase Height In Just 7 Days



How To Increase Height – Everyone wants to look beautiful throughout life. It is also true that the beauty of a person depends on his personality. People who have good height do not have to work hard to show their personality good but it can be a big task for those who are of short height. It is true that if your fitness is good with height, then there is a kind of heaviness in your personality but you do not have to be disappointed by being short or normal.

The city’s fitness and gambling expert Neha Kedare says the height usually stops increasing after one age. But this can later be extended with some yogas and a balanced diet. If you practice these exercises regularly in adolescence, you can definitely achieve the desired length. Know which are the Yogasanas after which you can increase your height.

Here Are 4 Exercise For Increase Height Fast



Let me tell you that super stretch is also a type of increase height exercise. To do this exercise, first of all, stand up straight and leave all your weight on your soles and place the palms next to you. Now move both your hands above your head and then raise your heel slightly and hold this position for 10-12 seconds, do this exercise 4 to 5 times. In this process do not bend your hands and do not bend your body. After remaining in this position for 10–15 seconds, return to the previous position. This will increase your length



You can also do Tadasana to increase your height. To do this, first of all stand up straight with your legs together and place your palms next to you. Now connect your palms to each other and lift them upwards and keep raising your toes as well. While doing this, keep the body straight and stretch. Now slowly return to the feet and turn the palms to the side. By doing this posture daily for 15 minutes in the morning, your steady height increases.



It is also good for increasing Height. To do this exercise, first lie down on your stomach and then try to get up with your palms facing your chest, hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and then relax after 10 seconds. Do the same exercise 3 to 5 times again.



Bhujangasana is a good asana to increase height. It makes the spine flexible and also reduces obesity. To do this asana, first lie down on your stomach and join your heel and claws. Your elbows should be close to your waist and palms facing up.

Now slowly bring the hands from the elbows and place the palms under your arms, then press the chin with the neck and place the head on the ground and then raise the head towards the sky, touching the nose in the ground. This head and chest can be withdrawn, but the navel should be attached to the ground. After remaining in it for 20 seconds, after exhaling, bring the head slowly to the ground and repeat this process.

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