Latest news of shaheen bagh, Protests against citizenship law in Shaheen Bagh area of ​​Delhi

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Protests against citizenship law

Shaheen Bagh: The people involved in the demonstration are very alert in the shadow of fear, the first week of February is scary.

Shaheen Bagh Protests

The performance of women in Shaheen Bagh has started making headlines internationally. Whether it is an Inquilabi speech which is included in the show and which encourages them from the stage, a fear inside is troubling the volunteers. Some volunteers present at the protest site say that with the help of Delhi Police, the government can raise the issue anytime by citing people’s problems. It is being told that its net is being woven and it can be executed in the first week of February.

One volunteer said that the language of the Delhi Police is changing, while the protest is going on in a fully collaborative, non-violent, peaceful manner. There are women, children in the performance. Another volunteer says that we are only making such a demand that the Prime Minister, the Home Minister or the senior responsible minister of the Central Government should come and assure him. Say that there are Indians living in India. There is no threat to citizenship.

Why the fear is increasing, according to the volunteers-

  1. The language of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, women and children sat at the crossroads, and men in quilts. U.P. Police crackdown on peaceful protesters against CAA.
  2. BJP candidate from Delhi Kapil Mishra’s statement on February 8 that India-Pakistan match on the streets, senior BJP leaders come in support of it.
  3. The color of the campaign in Delhi elections, the divide between Hindus and Muslims, the air of hate. An attempt to polarize votes.

Nobody came to us, listen to the reasoning of the volunteers

  1. DU student says that the Prime Minister, the Home Minister is also with us. He belongs to the whole country. We are upset and he did not come, nor send anyone responsible. We have been sitting since 15 December, at least he would listen to our suffering? It is clear that they do not believe in us.
  2. A play school teacher says that we have raised our voice. Raising the voice, telling the government the problem as a citizen has been given by the Constitution. Why doesn’t the government listen to us? Because what the government wants, it will be useless by coming here.
  3. The pass out of an engineering college in Ghaziabad says that the government is not able to give direction to the country. Unemployment is at a peak, economy is in bad shape, industry, production sector are getting messed up in government policy. The national and international rating agency is giving negative reports. Banks or education are all tight and the government has to fight people on the pretext of three divorce laws, CAA, NRC, NPR.
  4. According to Aslam, Faraj, Zakir Volantier, the government’s focus is on divide rule. Therefore, under the pretext of such provision, it is engaged in hiding the responsibility, diverting the attention of the people.

PM, HM said CAA will give citizenship ….. how to trust

Volunteer PM Modi and HM Shah’s explanation that the CAA is a law to grant citizenship, not to take it. Nobody’s citizenship goes away, Volunteer says trust me? They are not coming deliberately among us. The CAA excludes Muslims and includes Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains. Among the countries are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh. While Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Nepal and others were excluded. There are many Hindus here including Tamil who are suffering. Want to come to India The neighboring countries would pay taxes. Do not form a religious basis.

Are you foreigners …. Why are you afraid?

Listen to Valentier’s answer. NRC took place in Assam. Assamese are also opposing. Families of former President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, Air Force, ex-army officers, Gallantry Award winners or state government honors are out of the civil registration register. Are upset.

The level of education, social development among Muslims is relatively low. There are more workers, workers, people of small profession. People do not have their own, the document of generations, the account. A 50-year-old agricultural laborer, who came from Bulandshahr, says he does not have paperwork. There is a thumb impression. Where will you get it from?

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