5 Ways to make money online for beginners

Make Money Online For Beginners

 Make Money Online For Beginners

Do you want to earn money online from home in lockdown time? If yes, then this article of mine can be very useful for you. I have found in my research that there are many people whose job has gone in this corona time and many talented students are sitting at home, which is wasting a lot of their time. Looking at this reason, I have decided to tell about 7 Ways to Make Money Online For Beginners in this article of mine.

I would like to tell you that many people are earning more than 70k money every month through online work from home. I am going to tell you 5 Ways to Make Money Online for beginners, it is going to be very useful for all people and in these 5 ways you can earn money sitting at home comfortably every month from minimum 40k to 45K.

Make Money Online For BeginnersIf you read this article of mine carefully, then this is a very good opportunity for you earn money online through work from home.

If you want to earn money online then blogging is also a best option. For that you have to take all the information to become a blogger and for that you will also need domain and hosting. You can take help of these articles of :

Here are 5 Ways to Earn Money Online From Home

1. Virtual Assistant

One of the best ways to earn money online is that of Virtual Assistant because Virtual Assistants are skilled to provide administrative services to companies, businesses, bloggers, youtubers etc. In this lockdown time, most of the companies are getting people to work through online. They are also benefiting from this. You can also take advantage of this opportunity and earn money through work from home by working as a Virtual Assistant.

To do the work of Virtual Assistant, first you have to search online work. For that you have to do 3 things, first you have to join Facebook groups related to Virtual Assistant, second you have to create a profile on Freelancer, third you have to find bloggers or youtubers who need Virtual Assistant.

You can contact them through email or through their social media accounts. When you contact them, you have to keep in mind that the way you approach them should be such that they feel that you can be of use to them.

People who are working as virtual assistant on freelancer, they charge 3000 rupees for about 1 hour. With this you can guess how much their per month income will be. When you start working on a freelancer, you should keep only 500 or 1000 rupees per hour in the starting because you will get work quickly and easily you can earn 2000 to 4000 rupees by working 4-5 hours.

2. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers are those people who create graphic designs. It is a type of image which is made with the help of text and graphics. If you are a graphic designer then you can easily earn money from 30k to 35k every month sitting at home.

If you do not know graphic designing, then you will find such apps on social media from which you can learn to do graphic design. To find work for online graphic designs, you have to contact Advertisement companies, Youtubers, Bloggers etc. and tell them about your graphic designs. If possible, you can also send them some of your best designed samples.

You can take the idea of your graphic design from the thumbnail of the channel of big youtubers and when you approach other B or C grade youtubers and bloggers then you tell them that how can you increase traffic on their channel by making a great and attractive thumbnail. If they like your idea, then they will give you good money for it.

3. Social Media Manager

You must be feeling that the job of Social Media Manager has become very old. But this job is still very successful in the online world. The job profile of Social Media Manager is similar to that of Virtual Assistant.

For your information, let me tell you that there are many tasks of virtual assistant like handling social media accounts, scheduling meeting, collaborating with people etc. and on the contrary, the job of social media manager is to handle only social media accounts.

You can follow the same process in it that you will do to search the work of virtual assistant. you can earn from 45k to 50k every month from the job of social media manager.

4. Video Editor

If you have interest in video editing, then you can earn money up to 1000 / – or 3000 / – per hour by online video editing.

If you know how to do video editing, then you should also explain your video editing skills to them by creating a profile on freelancer or contacting youtubers.

In the beginning, do not contact the big Youtubers because they already have good video editors. You target those whose channels get average traffic.

When you approach such youtubers, then your chances may be that they get you to edit their videos.

Tell different youtubers about your skills so that you can get more work. In the beginning, you should keep your charges low and then later when you become expert in the work of video editing then you can charge more.

5. Content Writer/Proofreader

This is the last profession out of 5 ways to Make Money Online For Beginners. The job of a Content Writer is to write an article on a subject and the job of a Proofreader is to proofread what the article content writer has written. Means to detect any grammatical mistakes and plagiarism in that article.

On Freelancer, you can find work for yourself by creating the profile of your content writer or by contacting website owners. But I would like to tell you that you should pay more attention to Proofreader. Because the proofreader checks the work done by the content writer like whether the article has been written on all the subheadings or not etc.

In Proofreading, you also get 3x more payment in comparison to the content writer. But if you feel more comfortable in the work of content writing, then you should try that you do as much writing work as possible through voice search.

This will give you double benefit, first that you will be able to write more articles and secondly, your income will be higher due to writing more articles. In the beginning you will have some problem but later it will come in your routine.


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