Motivational story of KFC founder Colonel Sanders

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A Short Story About KFC

We all want to be successful in life. But no one gets success by dressing in the plate. We have to work hard to be successful. Through this wonderful Hindi story, we want to tell our readers that if the effort is made continuously and whole heartedly, victory is certain.

To taste success in life, first choose a goal and keep working tirelessly to achieve it. You may have failed in the first attempt, but do not be afraid of the circumstances and continue to try by relying on your hard work. Those who have strong intentions get success.

I want to share with you the story of Colonel Sanders, the founder of KFC who was successful with his efforts.

KFC Story

Colonel Sanders is known today as a billionaire and KFC Chicken company figure. He had failed nearly 1009 times before achieving this feat, but still he did not stop, did not get frustrated and today he proved that those who try will never give up.

Colonel Sanders had a restaurant business. Once, for some reason, Colonel Sanders’ running business stopped. He was 44 at that time and everything was finished with that business. Sanders needed work to run his life. The “kentucky fried chicken” in their restaurant was very popular. So he thought of selling his recipe to another restaurant. But Sanders did not get all the favor.

At that time, no restaurant wanted to make fried chicken. But Sanders did not give up, he was confident in his chicken experiment. He kept trying and eventually after 1009 rejections, a hotel took his franchise. After continuous effort, when he was 60 years old, he got his first success in life.

Hotel sales began to increase rapidly with Sanders’ recipe. Many hotels bought their franchisees and thus Sanders’ fried chicken slowly became famous worldwide. Sanders succeeded at the stage of his age when most people gave up trying

Most people plan for retirement after 60, But Sanders proved that Age also suffocates against strong intentions.. Friends, always be ready to achieve your goal and never stop trying. Do not be afraid of failures and do not deviate from your path. Will surely succeed.

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