What is off page seo? 15 off page seo techniques

what is off page seo

What is Off Page SEO?

In this post, we will learn about Off Page SEO Techniques, which can improve the ranking of the website in Search Engine.

off page seo

“Off Page SEO” as the name suggests, which is search engine optimization done outside the page.

Like On Page SEO, Off Page SEO techniques are also referred to such techniques. Which is used to improve the position and ranking of a website or blog on the search engine results page.

Many people consider “link building” to be off page SEO optimization, but it is not so. In general, advertising and promoting a website for a good ranking in the search engine’s result page comes under off-page SEO techniques.

On Page SEO refers to those things in which we use for better ranking in search engines by focus keywords, meta tags, permalinks, post titles, etc in the page.

But Off Page SEO techniques refer to all those things that we do to improve the ranking of the website in the search engine result page (SERP) through off page social networking, link building, social bookmarking, article submission etc. .

Off Page SEO Techniques

SEO has a big contribution behind the success of any website or blog, because without SEO we will not be able to hit our blog or website.

So this is the reason why all websites and blogs want to come on the first page of Google Search Result, but this is not possible without proper Search Engine Optimization.

Here I am going to share some top off page SEO tips, which you can use to increase your website ranking.

1. Contribution of Social Media in Off Page SEO Techniques

We all know the meaning of social networking, how much their importance has increased today. We get to know about any event or news instantly through social media. Social networking has become a necessity for us today. Promoting anything has become very easy through social networking.

If you want to make your business, website or blog popular, then it is very necessary to connect with people with these many social media platforms.

You need to create an account on most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. After the account is created, you continue to actively promote and share your blog on these social networking sites.

Right now it is very easy to promote anything through social media. Like, on Facebook we can easily share any photo with our friends or any other. Similarly, we can easily share our website or any of our business with others across these social media sites, and make it very popular.

Thus keep promoting your website and business by being active in all these popular social media. This will increase the traffic of your site and will also get backlinks, which will help in improving the search ranking of your website.

2. Submission to Search Engine

Submitting your link, content and page to the search engine is very important under Off Page SEO techniques. This improves the Google search result of the website.

Search engines often find our website, but it may take some time. Therefore, to speed up the process, you can submit your site to search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

The advantage of submitting directly to the search engine is that if anyone searches anything related to your content in the search engine. So all these quickly come on the search result page.

Despite all this, the quality of the content also needs attention. Because Google focuses more on the best content and pays more attention to the quality of the content. And you too must have seen while searching in Google that good content comes on the first page of Google.

3. Forum Posting

As Off Page SEO, whenever we answer people’s questions on any search forum related to our blog online. Replying to them for anything, and giving suggestions and opinions, it is called forum posting.

Here we also give a link to our blog or website, in the form of “Follow Forum”. Which helps the search engines to crawl our site. This leads to clicks on our site and improves ranking.

  • Flickr
  • Microsoft Answer
  • bbpress
  • MySQL
  • SeaPanel
  • Jooml

4. Social Bookmarking

These sites are sites on which Internet users share their blog posts, articles, webpages, photos, videos, etc. Social bookmarking sites are a good tool for promoting and advertising our website and blog. Where we upload our new blog posts, articles, photos etc. to the main social bookmarking sites like,

  • Google Bookmarking
  • StumbleUpon.com
  • Digg.com
  • reddit.com
  • scoop.com
  • slash.com

Can share etc. Search engines like all these sites very much, because the content on them is updated very often.

So social bookmarking sites are very important as off page SEO techniques. Where we submit our posts, articles, webpages, photos etc. and through all these links people come to our site.

5. Blog Directory Submission

Off Page SEO works similar to blog directory submission, social bookmarking. In the beginning it is very difficult to get more visitors for any new blog. In such a situation, we can submit our blog post to different blog directory sites. like,

  • Boeing
  • 1ABC
  • A1WebDirectory
  • Blogtopsites

Directory submission gives high quality backlinks, which is good for our blog. These backlinks help in getting more traffic and rankings. Along with this, it also connects new visitors to our blog. While submitting the directory, select a correct directory and category, then submit only.

6. Blog Commenting

You can post your comment by visiting any other blog similar to yours. The advantage of this is that in the comment section itself, a place is also given to add the link of the website. There you can post the link of your blog. And through this link the visitors of that blog come to your blog, which increases the traffic of the site.

The website link in your comment section is also crawled by search engines. Which helps to point you to your site. Therefore, you can post your comment with a link to the blog on the already popular blog or on the question-answer site.

7. Link Swap

Link swapping in the form of off-page SEO techniques is a popular means of promoting and advertising your website and blog. Where we share the link of our blog with other similar blogs.

If you write a unique and great content for your site, then many people want to link it in their blog. And this is where the link swap begins.

If you put the content of someone else’s blog as a copy or link in your blog. So also put down the instructions of that blog that this content has been taken from this blog.

Also, get permission from the owner of that blog as well. You can also put the content of your blog in the form of a link in the similar content of someone else. So by this process you can increase the popularity of your main link or blog.

8. Article Submission in Off Page SEO

When writing an article for your blog, submit it to a popular article submission site. This is also a great way to promote your articles and blogs.

Your content must be unique before submitting it to all these sites. The content whose quality is not correct, they are also rejected. While submitting, select the topic of the content and also give a good name. Article submission sites are-

9. Documents Sharing in Off Page SEO

We can also promote and advertise our site or blog through document sharing. Create a compact and attractive content related to your site and blog and convert it to PDF as a document on major document sharing sites like,

  • GoogleDocs
  • Dropbox
  • Scribd
  • ISU
  • SlideShare

Share it etc. This will promote the blog for free and increase the traffic. New people will join this site and blog.

10. Guest Posting in Off Page SEO

Guest posting means writing posts and articles for another site or blog. Suppose a popular site or blog needs a lot of posts and articles and its owner wants another writer to write and post articles for his blog. So for this you can be appointed as a guest writer.

For this it is necessary that where you write as a guest writer for the website or blog. That must be a popular site. At the same time, his ranking should also be good.

Backlinks are obtained from guest posting in the form of off page SEO techniques. Writing for others makes people familiar with you and your site or blog. Which helps to improve the ranking for any blog and bring more people to the blog.

11. Photo Sharing Sites

Photo sharing sites are also very important for Off Page SEO. The unique photo that we use in our articles and posts, it is used on the main photo sharing sites like,

  • Flickr
  • Instagram
  • Picasa
  • Tumblr
  • Imgur

Can share etc. While sharing photos on these sites, you should also add the URL link of your blog or website. Simultaneously use title tag, description of photo, alt text as well. With this, when someone downloads or shares your photo, the URL link of your blog will also appear.

Therefore, the chances of getting clicked on this link will be more, which will help in both ranking and advertising of the site. In this way we can say that photo sharing sites are also helpful in making our blog successful.

12. Video Submission

Like photo sharing, if you have made a video for your blog, then it

etc. can be submitted on the site. Sharing this video will also help in the promotion and advertising of your blog and website. Therefore, the blog can also be made popular through the medium of video.

13. Local classified sites

There are many local classified sites on which we can advertise our blog or website for free. like,

  • Olx
  • Quikr
  • Craigslist
  • Yellow Page
  • Locanto

etc. In this way we can promote on these sites for free and get new customers and popularity of the blog.

14. Review of Articles and Posts

You can leave your review there by reading the article of any other popular blog. Also add the URL link of your blog inside that review, which people will follow and come to your website.

If you write a review about a particular article or post by visiting different sites and blogs. So this also increases the popularity of your website or blog and the blog is promoted. Therefore, writing a review on another blog under Off-Page SEO is a good way to drive traffic and promotion of your blog.

15. Answering Questions

By participating in sites like “Answers.Yahoo” and “Quora”, we can answer different types of questions of people. Where our blog is also promoted and advertised, because while answering questions there, we can also give a link to our site. So people come to our website by following that link, from which we get good traffic.

Answering the questions of people related to your blog on different sites or forums in the form of off-page SEO techniques is also a great means of promoting website and blog.


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