OnePlus 6T Review: Unlock the Speed ​​with In-Display Scanner and Better Performance

OnePlus 6T Review

OnePlus and Quality Words are complementary to each other. If you see any OnePlus phone lift, you will know that they have not only been worked well but they are devices that run for long periods of time. I am also a person who has been using OnePlus 2 for the past three years and is happy with its own devices. But after the launch of OnePlus 3, the company started launching two phones in one year from one phone in a year. That’s why we got OnePlus 3T and followed by OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T.

So why are 2018 years too different? This year the company came with OnePlus 6. After that, everyone knew that OnePlus 6T will also be launched this year. But the question here is that what will be added in a good device in a few months, which will separate it from the first one? In response to this, we have come up with a review of OnePlus 6T.

Design: In the case of Design OnePlus 6T will not see some major changes. But looking at the smartphone in the details, there will definitely be something new. OnePlus 6T has been introduced in glass design. With this the arc is placed on the rear with which the phone fits perfectly into the hand. With a weight of 185 grams OnePlus 6T will also give you premium fills. The dual camera is provided in the vertical and center at the rear of the phone. From OnePlus6 it is different in case of fingerprint sensor. Yes, OnePlus 6T has an in-display fingerprint scanner.

In OnePlus 6T you get a 6.41 inch display and a small Notch compared to the onePlus of the previous. There is a water droplet notch display. This gives you more space on the screen. OnePlus 6T also has a Hyde Notch feature. Talk about screen to body ratio, it is 86 percent. It is not as high as the launch of this year. OnePlus 6T has an in-display fingerprint sensor that is now being in use every day. OnePlus 6T has continued the look of premium device in case of build quality.

Display: OnePlus 6T has a water droplet notch design with 6.41 inch optic AMOLED display. Due to the aspect ratio of the 19: 5: 9 space, the space is also good. OnePlus 6T has been supplied with Corning Gorilla Glass, which makes the display stronger. This is very good in case of clarity and brightness. Viewing angles are also good in it. OnePlus 6T has a resolution of 2350X1080. It also displays display sharpness and crispy in Night and Reading mode. RGB sensors and front facing camera are provided on the Notch’s display.OnePlus 6T’s display content is also good for playing games like PUBG, as well. OnePlus 6T comes with custom colors adding more options to users.

Camera: In the case of the camera, WinPal 6T is almost the same. OnePlus 6T comes with dual-rear camera setup. There is a 16MP camera in which EIS is provided with optical image stabilization f / 1.7. The OnePlus6T rear camera’s primary lens has Sony IMX 519 sensor and secondary 20MP Sony IMX 376K sensor. Its secondary camera is used to click the portrait image. This works better than OnePlus 6.This is also due to the new algorithm given in OnePlus 6T. 4K video recordings are done on 30/60 fps from its rear camera and videos can be recorded at 240 fps (1080p) and 480fps (720p) in slow-motion. The camera also comes with HDR capabilities.

Front camera is provided in Notch display. It has Sony IMX 371 sensor and f / 2.0 extraction. The 16MP front camera also has EIS and can also be used for video recording at 1080p. Selfie Sharp taken from the front camera. Both rear and selfie comes with Bokeh capabilities. In this the portrait image gives a very good result.

Performance and Battery: OnePlus 6T is only in the case of hardware, but also in the case of software, there is also a powerful device. OnePlus 6T comes with Android 9.0 in OnePlus with its Oxygen OS. Qualcomm octa-core, Snapdragon 845 SoC has been given in the phone. It is based on 10nm architecture and offers speed up to 2.8GHZ. There is also the Adreno 630 GPU in it. The WinPS 6T comes with 6GB and 8GB LPDDR4X RAM. All these specifications give smooth performance even in real time use. OnePlus 6T will be available from 128GB storage and up to 256GB of storage.

Oxygen OS on Android 9.0 improves the features of Android full screen gestures. Themes in OnePlus 6T can now be customized in RGB spectrum. Apart from this, onePlus 6T comes with gaming mode. There are many good features, including locking screen brightness, including small floating notifications. It also has a Smart Boost which works for games and apps that require large amounts of data for the output and input of the data.

Using the phone with display gestures becomes easier. Such as Wake, Double-Tap to Lock, Three Finger screenshots etc. All these features will be accompanied by onePlus 6T non-removable 3700 mAh quail timed together. It also has 5V / 4A country charging. OnePlus is the largest battery ever given in any of your phones. The phone’s battery lasts for more than one day. There is a lack of 3.55mm audio jacks in it. OnePlus 6T has been given Dirac HD Sound with audio face speaking for audio.OnePlus 6T is a dual-sim device. There are two nano-SIM slots in it. This is also an NFC enabled device.

Overall, in terms of performance it is slightly better than OnePlus 6. But in case of Battery Life it is much better than OnePlus 6. OnePlus 6 is still one of the best Performance Phones of 2018 and OnePlus 6T will push it.



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