Rakhi Sawant shared her husband’s photo first time

who is rakhi sawant husband

Who Is Rakhi Sawant Husband

Rakhi Sawant used to make a big fuss in India and used to do a lot of ruckus, but these days she has left India. As she herself states that she is married and later settled abroad with her husband after marriage. Sometimes when you look happy after marriage, sometimes you look angry. Actually, ever since Rakhi got married, her fans want to know where her husband is. To answer this question, Rakhi has shared a video on Instagram. but the special thing is that even after getting married, it is not yet known who Rakhi Sawant has married. Who is Rakhi’s husband?

Is not the case. Now people also wanted to see who is the one who got married to Rakhi after all? People also did research on this but they could not get any break but finally, Rakhi Sawant covered the whole secret. Now raised the curtain, but it has also been manipulated.

Rakhi Sawant has shared a picture that there is not one but many men in the picture and in it she is telling her followers which of these is my husband Ritesh? You have to find this thing out. After this, there are many people who are engaged in guess who can be the last of them?

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Now everyone can have their own ways to find out. But till now nobody has been able to find out who Ritesh is?

rakhi sawantRakhi, while confirming the news of her marriage herself, had told that her husband does not like the media and the camera at all, due to which he does not want to come forward. When Rakhi did not share any picture with her husband, people started saying on social media that Rakhi is not married at all. At the same time, to answer such things, recently Rakhi has shared a strange video.


Now everybody is trying. Some people even say that Rakhi Sawant is fooling everyone and only she has not married, so some people who like her are engaged in it.

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