Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently At Home

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Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently

Hair grows in all parts of a person’s body. This includes your hands, feet and face. Hair grows in every part of your body. Whether men or women all have hair on their body. However, sometimes some people want to completely remove the hair of some parts of their body. If you also want to remove unwanted hair of your body and you do not know any right way for this, then today we have brought some very effective ways to remove unwanted hair (How to removing unwanted hair).

Cause unwanted hair

how to remove unwanted hair permanentlyThere are many reasons why women and men have unwanted hair on their body and face. Some of these reasons may also be due to side effects caused by the consumption of medicines.
Causes of excessive hair on the body- The growth of excessive hair in men and women is due to high levels of male sex hormones in the body, specifically testosterone, which is responsible for the growth of thick, hard and dark body hair on the back. The growth of body hair can be caused by both hypertrichosis and hirsutism, and genetic family traits may also cause excessive body hair.

How to Remove unwanted Hair Forever

There are many ways in the cosmetic world that claim to remove unwanted hair permanently. However, these claims are not entirely correct. Most of these methods do not remove your unwanted hair forever (how to remove unwanted hair) but in the long run, you definitely get rid of unwanted hair problem and tension. In such a situation, if you too want to remove your unwanted hair then these methods will be very useful for you.

Follow these easy methods if you want to remove unwanted hair forever


In electrolysis, shortwave radio frequencies allow fine needles to be inserted into your follicles, which are directly inserted into your hair follicles. Its purpose is to destroy your hair follicles so that the hair does not grow again on your body. This procedure requires a dermatologist or a certified electrologist.

Electrolysis is considered a permanent solution by the Food and Drug Administration other than any other unwanted hair removal method. However, for best results, you have to take several meetings and appointments.

Most people have to take a follow-up session in two time every week. Electrolysis can be performed on any part of the body and is good for all skin types. The most common side effects caused by this include skin pain and redness of the skin.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is another long term hair removal option. Like electrolysis, this method also targets hair follicles. It damages your hair follicles with the help of high heat laser and prevents new hair from growing. Laser hair removal treatment can be done on any other part of the body except the area around the eyes. These treatments are best for those who have lighter skin tone but have more dark hair on their body.

Like electrolysis, hair removal requires several sessions. Depending on the area of ​​hair removal, you need to take treatment about four to six times in an interval of four to eight weeks. In most cases laser hair removal lasts for several months. However, in many cases it also lasts for many years. After this, when the hair comes on your body again, they are usually light colored. But laser hair removal does not claim complete or permanent hair removal (unwanted hair removal cream).

Prescription cream

If you do not want to remove hair through electrolysis and laser hair removal treatment, you can also talk to your dermatologist about prescription cream. A hair remover cream is named eflornithine (Vanika) which reduces hair growth. For this a person has to use it regularly. According to an FDA report, Vanika is completely safe for hair removal.

However, before using it you must contact your doctor and seek the advice of the doctor. Usually, one has to apply this cream twice a day. After applying the cream, the person should not wash that part for at least 4 hours.

According to a study, its effect lasts for at least 8 weeks and after that you have to start this process again. However, this cream only works better on oral hair and is made for women only. Its side effects include burning, rash, and pimples, which are caused by follicle disruption.

Professional tweezing and waxing

You can get professional tweezing or waxing done for some small parts of your body. When the hair is removed in this way, it is removed directly from the root. However, it lasts for 2 to 8 weeks depending on the growth of your hair. This is a less expensive option but you have to get this treatment done after regular hours.

Tweezing is done in areas where waxing cannot occur, such as genitals, nipples, ears and eyelashes. Also you should not wax on Varicose Venice, Moles etc.

Chemical Depilation

This treatment consists of an over-the-counter gel or cream that you apply to your skin. It works by weakening a protein in your hair called keratin. This causes hair loss and is easily removed.

Depilation does not target hair follicles, so results can last approximately two weeks. However, it is a cheaper option that you can do at home.

Make sure that you use the right type of cream for the area where you want to remove hair. Some creams are mainly formulated for the face and body or pubic area.

It is a good idea to do a patch test on a small part of your skin before using chemical imagery on a large area of ​​your body. Side effects of this treatment may include chemical burns, rashes, and blisters.

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