Take Care of The Screen Size Before Buying Smart TV, learn

Buying Smart TV

Smart TV has increased tremendously over the past few years. Now people prefer to place LCD or LED wall televisions instead of traditional boxed TVs in homes. Smart TVs are available from small screen sizes to larger screen sizes. When you go to buy TV, this is what matters to you in mind that it is better to set which screen size TV in the drawing room.

Many times we put the TV screen larger than the size of the screen in our drawing room, and many times we use the small size TVs in our drawing room. Which seems irreverent to look at. With the furniture in the drawing room, the size of the TV also means a lot. Today we are going to tell you about the different screen size TVs so that you can take care of the screen sizes of your TV before purchasing Smart TV.

Smaller sized (24-32 inch) TVs

Generally, this screen size TV is used for computer monitor. The price of TV in this size is less then you can put it in a small drawing room. This size TV also reduces the space of your wall and looks good too. Nowadays this smart phone with smartphones can watch 4K quality videos. This TV is considered to be the best for small families and homes. The price of this size TV is between 20-40 thousand rupees.

Medium size (40-43 inch) TV

This size TV is considered to be the best, because the size of these smart TVs is neither small nor bigger. Also, in these TVs, you can get better results from movies and sports. If there is good space in your drawing room then this size TV can be a better option for you. The price of TV in this size is usually between Rs 40-60 thousand.

TV with Infinity or Big Screen Size

On this size TV you will enjoy better sports. Also, this screen size TV has a higher resolution. TVs of this size can cover the wall of your drawing room. If your drawing room is large enough, then this size TV can fit in your drawing room. Its price can range from 60 thousand to 3 lakh.



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