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If you look at the technology of ten years before today, you will see that there was nothing in those days compared to today. People did not use high capacity smartphones nor did they use internet so much.

But life has become difficult these days without internet. The dependence on internet and smartphones for everything has increased a lot.

In such a situation, new efforts are being made in this direction day by day and technology is being upgraded. This kind of technology will come in the coming time which will prove to be helpful in making life easier. Add a look at these techniques:

ElectroVibration Technology
ElectroVibration Technology will completely replace the mobile touchscreen experience. Through this technology, you will be able to easily feel the texture by turning your hand on your screen. It is being speculated that online shopping will revolutionize from then on. Especially in the shopping of clothes, it will be highly liked by the people.

This reference is being continuously studied by Disney Research so that people can have textures on their mobile screens. It is expected that by the end of this year, this type of technology can come.

Speech-to-speech translation
The video of the launch of such a device has gone viral recently but no one has used it yet. However, such a feature has come in Google Translate that if you say a small word, it gets translated. But for long sentences, there is no technical discussion yet. In this case, rapid work is being done in this direction.

Brain Computer Interface
A brain-web pattern of every thought is created in our brain. Therefore, two electrical signals are never the same. These unique electric signals carry special commands and are identified from them.

It is expected that in the coming time the smartphone will be ready with a brain-computer interface, which will read the brain and set the command accordingly. In future, this technology will be launched with many unique interfaces.

Wireless speed charging
If you ask any smartphone user the biggest problem then you will find that the battery has to be charged twice a day. Also, the time it takes to charge it is too much. In such a situation, the tech scientist has now started working in this direction and has started making wireless and fast charging chargers and smart phones. By the end of 2019, such smartphones will enter the market and people’s complaints about the battery will be resolved.

Flexible and wristwatching phones
strange to hear how this can happen. But such technology will soon give you a squad in which you can fold your smartphone and tie it in your wrist or keep it in a pocket. These phones will have a lot of flexibility and there will be no fear of breaking them. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology will be used in this type of phone.

Augmented Reality
In the coming time, work will be done on AR ie Augmented Reality. Sense through this technique; Especially, an attempt will be made to make the viewing more realistic through sound, graphics etc.

Now it is to see how comfortable these technologies are and what feedback the users give about them. According to the researcher, in the coming time, the technology will become very advanced, which cannot be thought of in today’s time.

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