Tips to Reduce Belly Fat Diet And Exercise

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How to  Lose Belly Fat?

Lose Belly Fat: Excess fat on the abdomen and waist is a matter of concern. Not only does it look bad, but it can also cause many diseases. Through this Machoo Facts article, we will learn how to reduce belly fat. For this, we will tell about effective exercise, yoga and diet, which can help in reducing abdominal fat. All these things are beneficial only when they are done regularly. Leaving it for a day or two can also result in loss rather than profit.

Table of Content

  • Causes of Belly Fat
  • Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat
  • Diet Tips to Get Flat Tummy
  • Yoga for Belly Fat
  • Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

Causes of Belly Fat

It is normal to have some fat on the stomach. If this fat is excess, then many diseases can be faced. Here we will tell you about the major causes of excess fat on the stomach.

Tension :

A person with stress is surrounded by many diseases one after the other. Increase in body fat is also one of them. Stress causes high levels of cortisol hormone in the blood. Cortisol can increase body fat levels, making fat cells larger. In this condition, fat usually grows around the stomach.

Muscle loosening:

When the muscles around the abdomen start to loosen, it may be that the fat in that place starts increasing. However, no exact research is available on this.

Sitting habit:

Life has become so easy in this era of modernity that one has almost stopped doing physical activities. Everyone tries to do their work sitting, whether in office or home. Now, instead of taking time to exercise, many people prefer to watch TV or work on computer. As a result, body fat levels may increase.

Other diseases:

Some diseases are such, which are vulnerable to weight gain. In addition, kidney problems, thyroid and heart failure can also increase obesity.

Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

Some people get so much fat around their stomach and waist that they are unable to wear their favorite clothes even if they want to. Many times, due to the fat, in front of others, there is inferiority in the mind, because their belly fat is visible from the clothes. Such people are always immersed in the idea of ​​how to reduce belly fat. In such a situation, regular exercise is necessary. Here we are talking about the exercise to reduce the waist and abdomen. This exercise is the answer to your question how to reduce waist and abdomen.

1. Running

There is nothing better than running to keep the body fit and fit. By running, the heart is able to function well and burns extra calories, which can reduce fat gradually. Initially, run only a few meters and run slowly instead of fast. When the body gets used to it, it can increase both speed and time. For this reason, running is one of the ways to reduce belly and waist fat.

2. Cycling

Cycling can also be done as an exercise to reduce stomach. It has been considered the best and easiest cardio exercise (for the heart). This can lead to good exercise of legs and thighs. Also, excess body fat and calories can also be reduced. For this reason, cycling is considered as one of the ways to reduce waist fat.

3. Sit ups

Sit-ups are also included in the exercise to reduce waist and abdomen. This easy exercise can reduce the fat of not only the stomach but also other parts of the body. Depending on your convenience in the morning or evening, this exercise can be done for five to ten minutes.

4. Climb stairs

If you cannot do the exercises mentioned above, you can climb and descend the easiest ladder. It is nothing short of exercise to reduce stomach. Yes, climbing and descending stairs can also reduce excess fat. For this, climbing and descending the steps of the house can be started for about 10 minutes every morning and evening. Using the stairs instead of the lift while going to office can also be included in the measures to reduce the waist and abdomen.

Diet Tips to Get Flat Tummy

If food are not balanced, then whatever exercise and yoga you do, the measures to reduce belly fat will not work. For this reason, let’s take a look at what to eat and what not to reduce your stomach.

Soup – If you want to reduce belly fat, you can include soup in your diet. Especially, consuming it at night can help in losing weight. It is light and does not contain much calories, due to which fat cannot be increased.

Fruit – Fruits can help in controlling weight as well as giving essential nutrients to the body. The fiber present in fruits is believed to reduce fat. This is why it is important to include fruits in your regular routine.

Whole Grains – Weight can be controlled to a large extent by giving whole grains a place in the diet. Whole grains are rich in fiber, which can prove beneficial in reducing excess fat.

Fat Free Milk and Other Dairy Products – If you are fond of drinking milk, then consuming fat free milk can also be one of the home remedies to reduce stomach. A study has shown that fat-free milk and other dairy products can also be tummy reduction measures.

Along with knowing what to eat to reduce stomach, it is also important to know what should not be eaten. We are telling this below.

  • Avoid eating sugary and canned foods.
  • Starchy foods such as: – rice, noodles, pasta and bread. Brown rice and brown bread should be consumed instead.
  • Tobacco, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided.

Yoga for Belly Fat

1. Sethubandha Yogasana

lose belly fat

If you are thinking what to do to reduce your stomach, then you can practice this Sethubandha Yogasana. This can help reduce the fat stored near the abdomen and waist. Also, it can be helpful in strengthening the muscles of the stomach and thighs and reducing any kind of pain or stretch in the neck.

Method of doing yoga asana:
  • Lie on your back on the ground and bend both knees and close the ankles with the hips.
  • After this, hold the ankles with both hands.
  • Now while breathing, lift the waist upwards, while keeping the feet and hands in the same position.
  • Stay in this state for about 30 seconds and keep breathing at normal speed.
  • After that, while exhaling, come back to normal.
  • 4-5 rounds of this posture can be done.

Caution: People with high blood pressure should not do this asana.

2. Anulom-Antonyms Pranayama

how to lose belly fat Diet Tips

Home remedies to reduce abdominal fat include Anulom-Antonym Pranayama. Of course, this posture is easy to do, but it can be effective in reducing obesity. Mainly it is also called pulse resection pranayama. This allows blood flow to the body properly.

Method of doing Yoga Asana:
  • Sit on the ground in the posture of Sukhasana and close your eyes.
  • Now close the nasal cavity on the right side with the thumb of the right hand and breathe through the left nostril.
  • Now close the nasal side of the left side with the smallest and right finger of your right hand and release the breath slowly from the right side.
  • Now while in this position, draw the breath in and then close the nose from the right side and release the breath from the left side.
  • Such cycles can be done four to five times per hour.

Caution: The patient of high blood pressure and heart should do it under the supervision and supervision of a trained yoga guru. Also it is advised to never do it loudly or at a fast pace.

Tips to Reduce Belly Fat

Now, let’s talk about the tips to reduce stomach, which can lead to excess body fat loss. It can work like a home remedy to reduce stomach.

  1. Drink more water: Drinking eight-ten glasses of water throughout the day is important for health. Water should not be drunk only when there is thirst or if the throat is drying. A little water should be drunk at every fixed time. Drinking water can reduce the habit of overeating. For this reason, it is considered one of the home remedies to reduce stomach.
  2. Don’t forget breakfast: The more breath you need, the more essential breakfast is. Some people think that not having breakfast causes weight loss, whereas it is not. On the contrary, not having breakfast increases appetite and we can eat more, which can cause weight gain problem. For this reason, always remember these home remedies to reduce stomach.
  3. Green-Tea: Green-tea is also an answer to your question of how to reduce belly fat. The catechin compound can be helpful in weight control. In such a situation, to lose weight, at least one cup of green-tea can be drunk throughout the day. It is also clear in research that excessive intake of caffeine may hamper the weight control effect of catechin.
  4. Fruits and Vegetables: Small amounts of fruits and vegetables should be consumed throughout the day. This will reduce appetite and help reduce obesity.
  5. Complete sleep: Methods of reducing abdominal fat work only when the person is fully asleep. Everyone should have seven to eight hours of sleep. Sleeping more or less are both important reasons for gaining weight. It is also said that if you sleep well, the digestive system works well and helps in digesting food.

We have explained above about how to reduce abdominal fat. It is clear from all the things that it is not so difficult to reduce the fat of the waist and abdomen. Exercise, lifestyle changes and balanced diet can make everyone lose weight easily.

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