Top 20 Interesting Facts about Bill Gates

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20 Interesting Facts about Bill Gates

Bill Gates: Who does not know Bill Gates, the world’s richest person, he is the founder of Microsoft Company and even after becoming such a big man, he only wear 10 dollar watch. This person is not only rich in money but also rich in heart, let’s know the interesting facts about Bill Gates.

Amazing Facts about Bill Gates

1. Bill Gates’s full name is William Henry Gates III.

2. The story of Bill Gates is not the rich one of the fakir. Rather, they are already rich. His father, William H. Gates, was a lawyer. Gates’s great-grandfather owned the bank. after great-grandfather, bank was then handled by Gates’ grandmother. The grandmother had given the wealth of the Arabs to her grandson.

3. Bill gates started making Programing Computer at the age of 13.

4. Do you know that Bill Gates loved Computer Software Programing so much that he used to leave studies and continue to work in it, due to which he failed in 11th.

5. It is said that Bill Gates wanted more girls than boys in his high school class. For this, he had hacked the computer system of the school.

6. Bill Gates was the first computer program used to make a game. It was called the “Tic-Tac-Toe” game. There were two players in it. One is a computer and the other a human being.

7. He sold his first program at just 17 years of age which was a system of time tables for his school.

8. Gates also dropped out of college. He left Harvard University in 1975 and devoted himself entirely to Microsoft. However, in 2007, the same Harvard University awarded him an honorary degree.

9. Bill Gates had expressed his desire at the age of 30 that he wanted to become a billionaire but it is different that he had become a billionaire only after 1 year.

10. Bill Gates previously had a company called “Traff-O-Data” which manufactured instruments that recorded the count of cars passing through a point on the road.

Facts about Bill Gates

11. Till 1997 he used to airplane like a common man. Now he has a plane of his own, which he calls his ‘big waste’ of money.

12. In addition to his expensive plane, Bill gates also has the code written by “Leonardo da Vinci”, the inventor of the scissors, which he bought in 1994 for $ 30.8 million.

13. Bill Gates knows no other language than English. This is the biggest regret in his life.

14. Bill Gates at the age of 17 was sentenced to jail for breaking red lights.

15. Gates stumbled into an employee’s car, in Microsoft’s parking lot. He kept walking by holding his business card to the employee and asked him to take the money to get the car damage fixed. and From this “Send the bill to bill” saying became famous.

16. Bill Gates earns about 12,054 rupees every second i.e. around 102 crores rupees a day.

17. If Bill Gates had a country of his own, that country would have been the 37th richest country in the whole world.

18. If Bill Gates distributes approximately equal rupees to every person in the whole world, then each person’s share will be about Rs 4,983.

19. Our most expensive player in India is “Mahendra Singh Dhoni”. If they do not spend their money at all, then it will take 35,000 years to collect money equal to Bill Gates.

20. Bill Gates can repay the entire US debt in just ten years.

If Bill Gates spends 6.5 crores daily. Even then it will take 218 years to spend their entire wealth.

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