Top 5 Dams – 5 World’s most dangerous dams

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World’s most dangerous dams

Most dangerous dams – Friends, dams prove to be very beneficial for us. In modern times, it has so many benefits. You all know this, but do you know that there are many such dams in the world, which become very dangerous due to some reason. So let’s know about some such dangerous dams.

Bhakra Nangal Dam

dangerous damBuilt on the borders of Punjab and Haryana, this dam is a multi-purpose dam in India, which generates about 1300 MW of power, as well as about half of the cultivated water of Punjab and Haryana.

Actually many times people understand that it is a single dam, but it is not so. These are two separate dams, which are built at a distance of about 10 km from each other, but both have the same purpose. Bhakra Dam is built at high altitude while Nangal Dam is at a lower elevation. If ever the Bhakra dam breaks, then the Nangal dam will stop its water, but if both of these dams break, it is estimated that more than half of Punjab and Haryana will flow into Pakistan, with the greatest destruction coming to Pakistan. Where the lives of millions of people will be greatly affected by it.

Tehri dam

largest damThe day here 9mm An earthquake of intensity will come, from that day the whole country will be in danger. Let us also tell you that in 1991 there was a severe earthquake in Uttarkashi, which was estimated to be about 8.5 magnitude. The Tehri dam is the highest dam in the country so far. In such a situation, it is natural to raise the question whether the Tehri dam can be in danger in the future, and what will happen if the dam is broken in future.

Actually when the dam was being built, the question was running in the mind of all the scientists that what would happen next if the dam breaks. In one of his books, a scientist has written that if this dam is broken in the event of an earthquake, then it is difficult to imagine the destruction it will cause. The destruction of this dam will destroy the entire Aryavarta, its civilization. It will have widespread side effects as far as West Bengal. Meerut, Hapur, Bulandshahr will have water only from eight and a half meters to 10 meters. Haridwar, Rishikesh will not have any name.

Three gorges dam

largest damChina’s construction work is always the largest in the world. The same thing is also seen in the Three Gorges Dam. Of all the things that humans have created in the world till date, this is one of the strongest and orderly dams.

The vastness of this dam can be gauged by the fact that there is so much water in it that the earth also starts moving slowly by 0.06 microseconds, and it has become flat in the middle and more round at the poles. The rotation of the earth has also slowed down by placing about 40 billion tonnes of water up to 175 meters. But ever since this dam is ready, the problems of the Chinese government have increased. With its creation, 13 billion people have had to leave their homes, cities and villages. The problem of continuous flooding in the surrounding areas has increased. Land ejaculation has also emerged as a major problem.

The angry dam

largest damThis is the largest hydro electric plan in the Caucasus so far. You can understand the importance of this plant by the fact that this plant gives electricity to about half of Jorjia. This dam was constructed in 1970. Such an important dam is still considered a dangerous dam in today’s date, and the reason for this is the location of this dam. This dam is built on a narrow stretch of a mountain range.

Now the real problem is that due to the flow of water, the mountain is being sunk 5 10 cm every year. Which remains a major concern for experts. If there was an earthquake in this region, how will this dam save itself on weak grounds. Along with this the dam remains in Georgia while its Pawar station is in the Republic of Akezia. If ever there is a conflict between these two countries, the future of this dam will emerge as a matter of concern.

Mosul Dam

The dam, built on the Tigris River in Mosul, Iraq, is about 2 miles wide. You can understand the importance of this dam by this, once the terrorist organization ISIS captured this dam, whose forces were freed from its clutches for 10 days. What if this dam ever breaks? The breakdown of this dam can lead to the death of about 5 lakh people. Its effect will be visible till Baghdad.

So what do friends say? Aren’t these dams quite dangerous? So let’s share it.

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