Top 5 female bodybuilders in India


India’s Top Female Bodybuilders

Top 5 Female Bodybuilders in India – So far, men have dominated the bodybuilding, but women have come here to compete. The country’s female bodybuilders are also winning medals at the international level. We are introducing you to some such female bodybuilders, let’s know

1. Ankita Singh

Ankita is an international player of bodybuilding. She has been in the game since 2014. She has become a well-known name in the bodybuilding model category. She started going to the gym in 2008 when she attended college in Bangalore. Meanwhile, Ankita falls into depression after being betrayed by a friend. According to Ankita, her depression diminished due to Jim and she was able to return to normal life. From 2014, she thought of adopting body building professionally.


Her father is into politics and he did not want his daughter to come into a sport which required wearing bikini. He was so upset with the decision of her daughter that he did not even talk to Ankita for a year. He said that Ankita should leave such a game and concentrate on family work. In such a situation, Ankita got support with her mother. Later, when the daughter was successful and due to sports she became famous in the media, the father’s displeasure also ended.


In 2014, Ankita achieved a fifth position at the World Bodybuilding Championships in fitness category. She finished third in the Miss India Bodybuilding Contest in 2015 and fourth in 2016.

2. Bhumika Sharma

Bhumika had been learning shooting for many years to keep Mother’s mind, but her mind was in another sport. Bhumika used to gym to stay fit. One day in the gym, the trainer showed a video of a female bodybuilder and the role felt that this is the sport they are looking for. It was not so easy to convince mother-father for Bhumika. Neighbors said that there is no future in it. Muscles like boys become, But everyone gave up in front of Bhumika’s passion.


By the way, Bhumika got a lot of help from Mother Hansa Sharma in this game. Hansa is the coach of the country’s women’s weightlifting team. Bhumika spends about 6 hours in the gym every day for three months before the start of any tournament. This includes 20 km of running, heavy weight training every day. Bhumika plays on behalf of the Delhi Bodybuilding Association.


Bhumika recently won the Miss World Bodybuilding Championship in Venice. She won the title by defeating 50 women from all over the world. She got the highest number of body positing in this championship. Prior to this, she was Miss Delhi Bodybuilding Champion in the year 2016.

3. Sonali Swami:

Sonali Swami 42-year-old woman and the mother of two children and her name comes among the top bodybuilders in India. Last year, at the Asian Championships in Bhutan, Sonali won the bronze medal in the fitness category. They have a 13-year-old daughter and a 7-year-old son. Kathak dancer Sonali, who has done a hotel management course, has come into bodybuilding 4 years ago.


Sonali of Gwalior moved to Bengaluru after her marriage. Sonali joined gym in 2012 to lose weight after the birth of her son. After this Sonali started taking weight training. After this, Sonali started participating in the bodybuilding competition from 2014. Sonali got a lot of support from her husband during her time in bodybuilding. During the tournament, her husband takes photographs of her.


Won the Fit Factor Show in Mumbai in 2014. Won 2 gold in the 2015 Musclemania tournament. She was in the top ten at the 2017 World Bodybuilding Championship in Thailand.

4. Monika Gupta

42-year-old Monika Gupta, a resident of Jammu, was suffering from pain in her legs and other parts of body. Apart from this, fat was also high. She used to watch videos of gym training lying vacant at home. She started going to the gym in 2014. After working hard for three years, Monika started participating in the competition. She was the first girl from Jammu to do so when Monika started lifting weights in the gym. When she was doing weight training in the gym, the boys felt very strange. Seeing Monika doing gym, about 30-40 more girls also started going to gym.


During this time she got a lot of support from her husband and children. Whenever Monika say that she does not have to do gym now, her 20-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter used to threaten that if you do this, we will stop studying. Well, initially people from the neighborhood used to make different things but when she came to win the first state tournament, the same neighbors were at the forefront of taking selfies with her. Monika who plays in the athlete category, currently gym for 3 hours in the morning and evening together.


Won the title at Miss Jammu & Kashmir Bodybuilding Championship in 2017. In the same year, she won the title of Miss North India Bodybuilding Championship and Champion of Champion in Ludhiana. Miss India was in the top 15 in the bodybuilding competition.

5. Sarita Devi:

TOP 5 FEMALE BODYBUILDER IN INDIA MACHOO FACTBoxer Mary Kom has given Manipur a new identity. Sarita Devi started the game after her wedding in 2010. Even after having 2 children, their game continues. Sarita, a bodybuilder in the 55 kg weight category, does gym for 3 hours a day. Along with sports, she also have to take care of their home and children. Sarita has two sons and her husband have a dental clinic.


In 2015, he won the bronze medal at the World Bodybuilding Championships. Won the silver medal at the 2015 and 2016 Asian Bodybuilding Championships. Won a fourth position at the 2016 World Bodybuilding Championships.


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