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Top 7 Facts: – Friends, the world is also amazing. In today’s time, as much as you know about the world, it is less and less. Well, no problem, we cannot see the whole world, at least we can know those interesting facts related to the world, which are really amazing.
In today’s article, we have brought such a lot of interesting facts for you which you might not know! As soon as you read this article, the facts will become even more fun, So let’s know

Here Are 7 Amazing Facts: –


Friends, alphabet “A” is one of the most commonly used alphabet in English, but can you tell when we start writing numbers in English… like one, two, three… so what number to write alphabet for the first time Have to use ‘a’? do not know? Let me tell you.

That number is Thousand… Yes friends, A alphabet is not required to write any number from 1 to 999.


You must have seen the octopus on television or in front of you at some time… We find it very interesting to have eight hands.

But friends, you know that an octopus has 3 hearts and nine brains… and Its blood color is blue, not red. and if one of its hands is cut, it grows again.
In addition, many species have octopus cannibals, That is, they kill their own companions and eat them.


Friends, if I ask you, can a dead person ever win a horse race? So maybe you think this is such a stupid question… but you will be surprised to know that on 4 June 1923 a jockey named Frank Hays won his last race despite being dead ..

In fact, he got a heart attack during the race and he died instantly… but despite this, his horse Sweet continued to race and topped on the race…. In this way Frank became the only human in the world to win the race even after being dead.


Now let’s talk about cockroaches…. Friends, do you know that Cockroach is a creature that can live for many days after being beheaded? If you do not know, we will let you know.
Friends, the circulatory system of cockroaches is open and they do not depend on their head or mouth for breathing, but rather can breathe through the pores present in their body. They die just because without mouth they cannot drink water and Because of thirst, cockroaches can’t we humans also live?


Friends, looking at the clouds, it seems as if the light balls of cotton are floating in the air… But you will be surprised to know that Researchers have estimated that based on the water density and volume of these clouds, their weight can be up to four and a half million kg. But still they are able to float in the air so easily because the air under them is even heavier.


In English alphabet there are only two such letters with a dot on it…. They are “i” and “j”. Well, we all know this… But do you know that the dots which are placed above “i” and “j” have a specific name…

Yes, these dots are called t i t t l e – tittle.

Which is probably made up of tiny and little words in English, which means little.


Friends, when the First World War was going on, the armies on both sides were thirsty for each other’s blood! Then suddenly one day the war was over without any declaration! Even soldiers on both sides came to No Man’s Land to have lunch and played football with each other! But then the war started back the next day! Do you know about that day? No ? Let’s tell

The special day that prevented the war was 25 December 1914, that is, the birthday of Jesus Christ, In the midst of fierce war, which awakened the humanity inside man and forced him to treat each other lovingly.

So friends, these were some interesting facts that you hardly know. Stay on our website for more such facts. If you liked our article, then definitely share it.

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