What is 3T Cricket Solidarity Cup and What are its Rules?

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3T Cricket Solidarity Cup

3T Cricket Solidarity Cup: Looking at the craze of cricket and football, there are many charity matches in the world. With the help of which a lot of money is collected for a particular purpose. You must have seen the charity matches of retired cricket players and tennis players before this.

A similar charity match was played on 18 July by the South Africa Board, which has been called the 3T Cricket Solidarity Cup. Solidarity in this means everyone’s participation and determination to deal with Covid 19. In this, the winning team has been given a gold medal.

Teams in 3T Cricket Solidarity Cup: –

3 Teams Took Part In This Cup, Namely

  • Kites: Quinton de Kock (Captain)
  • Kingfishers: Heinrich Klassen (captain) and
  • Eagles: AB de Villiers (Captain)

The result of this match has also been arrived. And the Eagles team of De Villiers has won the gold medal by scoring 160/4. The Kites team won the silver medal, scoring 138/3. And the team of Heinrich Klassen has won the bronze by scoring 113/5.

3T Cricket Rules: –

  1. There will be no toss in it and which team will play first, second and third number will be decided on the basis of draw.
  2. In this match, 24 players from total 3 teams will take part, that means there will be only 8 players in one team.
  3. There will be only 36 overs for the entire match i.e. every team will get to play 12 overs, one team will play 6 overs at a time.
  4. There will be 2 halves in the entire match. And in the first half every team will play 6 overs. In the second half the remaining 6 overs will be played. That is, 18 overs will be bowled by 3 teams in every half.
  5. A player will only be allowed to bowl 3 overs.
  6. In this, the team that scores the most runs in the first half will get a chance to bat first in the second half and the team that makes the least runs will get the chance to bat at number three. If 2 teams have scored an equal score in the first half, then the team who batting first in the first half will have to bat at number two in the second half.
  7. A fun rule of this is that if 7 players from a team are dismissed in the first half. And ‘one player’ remains, when this team comes in second half to bat again. So this ‘not out’ player starts to bat. If 7 wickets fall in the second half also, the 8th player can play alone but he can only score in ‘even number’ (2,4,6) like he can only run and take 2 runs, 1 or Can not take 3 runs. However, he can also hit a four and six.

How will decide to win the match?

The team that has scored the most runs in both the half will be declared the winner and will be awarded the gold medal and the team that scores the most runs after this will be given the silver medal and the last team will be given the bronze medal.

Possibility 1: – If all the three teams have made equal scores, then all three will be declared winners and will be given a gold medal.

Prospect 2: – If two teams have scored 150-150 and one team has 100 then what will happen? In such a situation a super over will be played between teams with equal scores, and the team with the most runs will win.

Possibility 3: – If one team scored 120 and the other two teams scored 100-100, then in such a situation, the team scoring 120 runs will be given gold and the teams with 100 runs will be given the silver medal.

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