What is coronavirus ? symptoms of corona virus

corona virus What is corona virus ? symptoms of corona virus

Coronavirus – symptoms, prevention measures

What is coronavirus – Friends, the most talked about thing in the world today is the coronavirus. A medical emergency has been declared in China due to the corona virus and all countries of the world are on medical alert. The city of Wuhan, which has been hit by the Coronavirus, has been isolated from the rest of the cities. All public transport rail, flights etc. have been closed in the city.

corona virusSo far 570 people have died of coronavirus in China and more than 7700 people are suffering from coronavirus. Apart from China, patients with symptoms of coronavirus have also been seen in nearby countries. After all, what is this coronavirus that has made the whole world sleep. So friends, let’s know what is corona virus, what is the symptoms of coronavirus, how does coronavirus spread, where did coronavirus come from and what is the prevention measures of coronavirus!

What is coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a new virus from the Coronaviridae family, given named the coronavirus. Coronavirus is mainly found in animals and birds but now it has also come in humans. The coronavirus spreading in China is a new virus, so far no cure has been discovered. Due to lack of treatment, the number of people dying from it is increasing everyday.

There are 7 types of coronavirus infecting humans, most of which are not dangerous. The dangerous coronavirus had a Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Related Coronavirus spread in Saudi Arabia in 2012, called MERS in short. MERS killed 858 people in Saudi Arabia. In 2003, another type of coronavirus spread to China and then 26 other countries. The coronavirus was named Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which killed 800 people, and affected more than eight thousand people. Once spread, both of these dangerous viruses were controlled, but the treatment of coronavirus has not yet been discovered.

Where did the coronavirus come from?

The coronavirus is found in animals and spreads from animals to humans. The MERS coronavirus was spread by bats and infected camels, while the SARS coronavirus was spread by bats. But the cause of the spread of the coronavirus in China has not yet been known. Many research has been done on the coronavirus.

Initial research has proved that it is spread by animals only. Some individuals with the corona virus worked in the meat and fish market, which led to the belief that the coronavirus was also spread by animals. According to a report published in the Journal of Virology, the scientist studied the genetic sequence of corona virus and said in research that coronavirus has spread from snakes to humans, but many experts also questioned this report. Some experts say that the corona virus spread from bats to snakes and then from snakes to humans. However, certainly no one is able to reach the right result.

What is the symptom of coronavirus?

The initial symptoms of coronavirus are cold, cold, fever, shortness of breath and pain in the body. The infection of the coronavirus reaches the lungs after the initial symptoms. Due to infection in the lungs, an infected person can become a victim of pneumonia and may also have lung inflammation. There is a lack of oxygen in the body due to difficulty in breathing. Infections spread throughout the body can cause the death of a person infected with the corona virus.

How does the coronavirus spread?

Coronavirus is transmitted from infected animals to humans. Any coronavirus is affected by touching infected animals, or being around them. The coronavirus also spreads from one person to another. A healthy person can become a victim of coronavirus only if an infected person sneezes, coughs, shakes hands or stays nearby. After being engulfed by the corona virus, its initial symptoms occur between 2 and 14 days. By the time the initial symptoms are revealed, the corona virus reaches many more people than the infected person.

Coronavirus prevention measures?

No complete cure for coronavirus has been discovered so far. Coronavirus can be avoided if certain precautions are taken. Stay away from animals to avoid the corona virus. If a person is infected, take a distance of at least one meter and ask the infected person to wear a mask. If someone coughs or Splashes, ask them to put their hands or tissue on their mouth. Avoid eating meat, fish and sea food. Wash hands thoroughly with soap or handwash. If you have a cold, definitely show up in a good hospital, because even the initial symptoms of corona are cold and cold.

Talking about the corona virus infection in India, so far only one student from Kerala has come in the grip of it, he was studying in Wuhan. After his arrival in India, he was tested and confirmed coronavirus in the investigation. A student from Tripura has died due to coronavirus in Malaysia. Passengers from China are being investigated at several major airports in India.

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