What is CPC, CPM, CPA and CTR?

What is CPC, CPM, CPA and CTR

What is CPC, CPM, CPA and CTR? And how to COUNT them?

Friends, if you have a website / blog or YouTube channel. So you will definitely want to use google AdSense. You can earn money online from Google AdSense on your website or YouTube. AdSense is a very good and reliable ads platform. Friends, but for that you have to have some basic knowledge of Google AdSense. It is important to know the basic tools used in Google AdSense such as – CPM, CPC, CPA and CPR. Along with these tools, you should also know the efficiency and cost related to it. Friends, today we are going to tell you what is CPM, CPC, CPA and CTR. And how to COUNT them?

What is CPC, CPM, CPA and CTR

Google AdSense Tools

Cost Per Click

Friends comes first CPC. As the name suggests. How much money you will get per click. It does not mean anything by impression. As we know That advertisers have to pay the publisher when their ad is clicked. The cost per click rate depends on the keywords. In this way there are some more high paying keywords and some LOW paying. For example – keywords related to “Finance” are high paying.

How to calculate CPC – The following formula is used to calculate CPC –
CPC = Advertiser’s total cost / Number of clicks

Friends CPC rate can be $ 10 per click and 1 cents per click. CPC depends entirely on keywords. In addition, CPC depends on the keyword competition among advertisers. The more the competition of the keyword, the higher its demand will be and similarly the cost will also increase.

CPM (Cost per Thousand ) –

Friends, you must know about CPM. CPM is a basic tool of AdSense. The full name of CPM is COST PER THOUSAND. Here in CPM, “M” represents the roman numerical for 1,000. We can also call CPM cost per thousand of impressions. Because you are paid according to the per 1000 impression shown on your website. It is already fixed.

If you say in simple terms, then the advertiser who is per 1000, how much will he have to pay. It is calculated from CPM.


To Find CPM, first of all advertisers required keywords on which to show ad. By biding them, they extract the cost. After that the total number of impressions that your ad will get is divided by 1000 and CPM is found. Like – if your ad makes 20,000 impressions, then you have to divide by 1000. Thus – 20000/1000 is 20.

In the next step – the advertisers have extracted the cost by doing any bidding. It is divided (20) from the answer given above.

Example – If the total cost of ad is $ 500, then divide $ 500 by 20, you will get CPM which is $ 25.

CTR (Click through Rate) –

The full name of CTR is click through rate. CTR depends on both CPM and CPC. Just like CPM and CPC calculates the cost of advertising. Similarly, CTR calculates the effectiveness of any advertisement. In this way we can say. That CTR tells the advertiser how many impressions your website has or how many logos have seen the ad and how many of them have clicked on the ad. So this is how many people see ad from CTR. After watching it, click on it. Its percentage rate is calculated.

For example – if 1000 people see your ad on your website. But only 20 of them click on ad, then CTR will be like this –

CTR = (20/1000) x 100 = 2%

How to calculate CTR – The following formula is used to calculate CTR.
CTR = (Number of Clicks / Number of impressions) x 100

CPA (Cost per Action) –

Cost per action is also called pay per action (PPA) and cost per conversion. It works like an affiliate marketing. This tool is then more affected. When there is real traffic on your website. Because when there will be real traffic, the ad that is being displayed on the blog will be clicked by the person who needs it. And he will also complete the offer after clicking. For example, if the ad is from a survey and if a VISITER clicks on the ad, then there is more chance that he will complete the survey. So in this way, when someone clicks on VISITER ad, he completes the action that comes next. So it is called CPA. And similarly if someone clicks on an ad and buys something. This is all calculated in CPA.

A CPA calculus includes all the forms submit, newsletter sign up, filling up inquiry form, registration and sale.

All this is included in a CPA calculation. form submit, newsletter sign up, filling up inquiry form, registration and sale.

So friends, there was some information about google adsense which you might find small. But it is really important if you like this article, then share it with your friends.


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