What is IMEI Number? Track Phone Using IMEI Online

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Know what is IMEI number, how to find it if mobile is stolen

In today’s era, we use many types of mobiles and computers or any other device. If you use mobile then you will know that there are some things in every mobile which are most unique. In these mobiles like card number, unique number of mobile etc. Similarly, every mobile has an IMEI number.

IMEI numberThis number works as a unique code of the mobile. Under this IMEI number, anyone can trace his lost or stolen mobile. In this article you are being told about this IMEI number. So you read this article till the end so that you can get complete information about it.

What is IMEI?

Whenever you buy a mobile, a sticker is put on your bill which is the IMEI number of the mobile. This is a unique number of each mobile. It is written in every mobile. You will find it written on the battery of the mobile, as well as you will find this number written below the place of putting the battery of the mobile.

What is the main function of IMEI?

You already know that every mobile has an IMEI number. In such a situation, if a mobile goes here and there that means that mobile is lost. In that case it is possible to get your mobile back only because of your mobile.

Police tracks your mobile on the basis of that. This is a code that is different or unique in every mobile. This code is used to identify any mobile. This code is as unique as it is important.

Full Form of IMEI?

The full name of this unique code IMEI used in every mobile is International Mobile Equipment Identity which is called International Mobile Equipment Identity in Hindi.

How is IMEI Number?

It is a 14 digit code which is completely in number format. If we understand this by example, then it can be something like this 86153603019600 and a two digit check is also added to it, after which it becomes 16 digits. 8615360301960019 Something like this.

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Phone Using IMEI Number?

If your mobile is stolen, then in that case you complain to the police, then the police first asks you for the IMEI number of your mobile and then they track your mobile from that and bring your mobile back.

Can the government track your mobile?

If you are also looking for the answer to this, then you should know that we have a record of all types of data from the government. If the government needs to track your mobile, then the government can track your mobile with this IMEI number. Although the government cannot see your personal data, but if a situation arises that the government has to track your mobile, then in that case the government has the right to track your mobile.

Well you should know that the government cannot directly track your mobile. For this, they contact your service provider and ask them to track your mobile. Whichever company you are using SIM, that company has all your information.

How do you find out your phone’s IMEI number?

If you also want to know what is the IMEI number of your mobile number, then you should know about how you can find out the IMEI number of your mobile. To know the IMEI number of your mobile, you have to call this number *#06# from your mobile, after which you get an onscreen message, in which the IMEI number of your phone will appear, which you can note down.

If you are unable to contact this number from your mobile, then you can find out the IMEI number in your mobile by going to the phone’s settings. For this you can follow these steps on your phone.

Your Mobile phone > Setting > About phone > Here you will get your IMEI no.

Can IMEI number be changed?

This number is a unique number in which the transfer of the country of India also resides. If someone changes the IMEI number of his phone then it is illegal. It is considered a crime in India as a whole.

How to Change IMEI Number?

As we mentioned that changing this number is illegal, so it cannot be changed. But if for some reason it becomes necessary to do so, then let us tell you that these IMEI numbers can be changed. To do this, you have to root your Android mobile. There are many apps available on the internet for rooting. You can take the help of kingroot App for this. However, for this you may have to complete some legal procedures. It is very important to keep this in mind.

Is the IMEI number secure?

Every mobile has an IMEI number, it provides security to our mobile in a way. Having an IMEI number in every mobile is a good thing. This number is very helpful even if your mobile is lost somewhere. From this number you can find your mobile.

In this article of ours, you have been told about the IMEI number of the mobile phone. This is a unique number which is present in every mobile. Hope you have liked the information given in this article and this information will prove beneficial for you. If you have any suggestion related to this topic, then you can tell us by commenting below. We will be waiting for your suggestions.

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