Whats App will earn money from your status, know the important things related to it

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Facebook had bought Whats App in 2014. There have been many changes since then. The company has introduced many features, so that the experience of users has doubled. You can now see ads on Whats App soon.

This information was given by Chris Daniel, Vice President of WhatsApp Mobile Messaging Service. He said that the company is going to place advertisements in the status section. This will be the primary means of earning. We are going to tell you 5 important things related to this new feature of WhatsApp.

Monetization of WhatsApp:

If you are aware that in the beginning Whats App was charging 1 dollar per year. However, it was later free. Then no advertisement was given on this. But under the Revenue model of now, the company will advertise in the WhatsApp status section, which will earn its profit. It will be exactly like Instagram Stories.

Why WhatsApp Advertising?

Tell those who do not know that Whats App is a paid business version for businesses and organizations. The company levies the services of Exclusive Services from these businesses. The company is going to introduce WhatsApp advertising to generate more revenue. Just like Facebook is in the deficit, Instagram and WhatsApp are now the biggest assets of the company.

Large user base:

Whats App has been able to connect users with you. This has helped the company to move forward. Whats App’s globally 1.5 billion users are At the same time, if we talk about India, then there are 250 million users. This user base has helped to generate revenue from millions of Whats App.

Mute the Whats App advertising can:

Ads in the WhatsApp status can also be muted. Like Instagram, advertisements will be placed in the middle of the WhatsApp status. But it can be muted. For this, users will have to go to settings and mute the advertisement of any particular brand.

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