10 World Richest Beggars Whose income is more than you

Top 10 world's richest beggar

World Richest Beggars

World Richest Beggars – Beggars are often seen with inferiority complex. Many people ignore them while walking on the road, then some of them go ahead with a little money. But today we will tell you about some such beggars from all over the world, whose income will surprise you.

Here are Top 10 Richest Beggars in World

Bharat Jain Beggar

World Richest Beggars

You can guess the income of Bharat Jain, who is begging in Mumbai, that today he has two houses worth 70 lakhs. Which are one bedroom flat. They earn up to 75 thousand every month by begging.

Sarvatiya Devi Beggar

top 10 beggars

Sarvatiya Devi of Patna also has assets of crores. According to a media report, she is at the top of the country’s female beggars. Today she pays insurance installments above Rs 35000 every year. She lives in an apartment behind the Ashok cinema house in Patna.

Sambhaji Kale Beggar

World Richest Beggars

In Mumbai, Sambhaji Kale begs with his entire family. Every day they earn more than a thousand rupees. Apart from this, he has deposited a flat in Virar, two houses, land and several lakh rupees in the bank.

Krishna Kumar Geete Beggar

World Richest Beggars

The income of Krishna Kumar Geete, who is begging near Mumbai’s CP tank, is shocking. His daily earnings are around 1500 rupees. With this income, he has also bought a flat in Nalasopara.

Ted williams Beggar

World Richest Beggars

Ted Williams, who was begging in America, was very poor. He started begging in Ohio to fill his stomach. He was very fond of music. Today they have their own YouTube channel from which they make a lot of money.

Rongfeng Beggar

World Richest Beggars

China’s Rongfeng was also very poor. They used to go begging on the streets of China. Seeing their condition, a woman provided him with food every day and also gave him some money. With that money, Rongfeng started business and is living a good life today.

Simon wright Beggar

World Richest Beggars

There was a time when the American police banned Simon Wright’s begging. But he continued begging and today he is the richest beggar in his area.

Eisha Beggar

richest beggars in world

A research conducted in Saudi Arabia found that a 100-year-old woman named Eisha had accumulated several billions of money by begging. Although he has now died.

Corey Beggar


If you want to learn the lessons of hard work in life, then you should take it from New York. They used to buy newspapers by begging money and make money by selling them.

Lakshmi Das Beggar

Beggars in world

Lakshmi Das started begging in Kolkata in 1964 when she was just 16 years old. Lakshmi spent her entire life by begging and saved huge money.


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